Monday, October 3, 2016

Life is Too Good!

I cannot express how much I loved this weekend and the messages and
the spirit that were present. My heart just overflowed with joy and
love and gratitude as we heard the words from our leaders, especially
our beloved prophet. I know Thomas S. Monson IS the Lord's prophet on
the earth!
There were so many amazing talks given. I loved the over-arching theme
of coming towards Christ. I know that everything that was talked
about- repentance, prayer, missionary work, service, the Book of
Mormon, the plan of salvation- are all given to us as gifts so that we
could come closer to our Savior.
My favorite talks were President Nelson's and Elder Hales'.
I loved how President Nelson invited us to focus on joy. The spirit
told me that this is the greatest motivator...everything we do should
be to find joy in Christ. I have learned this through the past 16
months of service, as I have found so much joy myself and helped
others find joy in Christ as well. And as Elder Hales powerfully
testified, when we love more we truly suffer less. Missions are
definitely hard, but as I have loved and served God's children, I have
had more of an eternal perspective which had helped me to "suffer"
It amazes me how Heavenly Father can hear my prayers and answer the
questions I have through His servants. These men and women we heard
from were inspired and I know it's what Heavenly Father needs us to
know right now. Every single talk was amazing and helped answer the
questions that I had. I am so grateful that this is Christ's church
and He is at the head of it!

Missionary life is going great too! I can't believe that transfers are
this weekend again! Time just goes by so fast.. I love Platte City! We
were able to watch General conference with some of my favorite
members! Nichole watched conference with us too and she loved it! She
took notes and asked questions and even answered some trivia questions
from the Cook family! We taught her the word of wisdom this week and
she said she loves coffee but then said "but I will stop, I don't need
it." !!!!! So awesome.

We went on TWO exchanges this week so it was a crazy week! On Tuesday
I was up in St. Joseph which was a lot of fun! I love going on
exchanges and learning from so many different sisters. This morning I
was reading in 1 Corinthians 12 when it talks about the body of
Christ, and my testimony of this has grown as I have been able to
learn from so many missionaries. We all have individual gifts and
talents and we play an important part, but we can't do it alone. Like
Elder Cook of the seventy said, we all have to be united and play our
part in this work. We all make up the body of Christ.

The work continues to hasten and things are so good! I love being a
missionary! I love General conference! I love Jesus Christ!

Exchanges with Sister Garay in St. Joseph

Exchanges with Sister Saling in Platte City

Props one of the most awkward district pictures ever

General Conference with the Edwards!  (One of the awesome families we watched conference with)


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