Monday, October 17, 2016

Such a Good Week!

Happy Monday everyone! This past week has been AMAZING! On Wednesday
we had MLC again and it was SO GOOD! I love being surrounded by so
many missionaries that I look up to. It definitely strengthens me to
hear so many powerful witnesses of the truthfulness of this work. I
always leave feeling so loved and committed to improve.

One training that specifically meant a lot to me as a training on the
atonement of Jesus Christ. It was the training I chose to train on at
zone training. It was focused on both the sacrifice Jesus Christ made,
but also the sacrifice that Heavenly Father made. We talked about the
story of Abraham and Isaac and in my head I understand that it must
have been hard for Abraham and Heavenly Father for what they had to go
through, but I can't really understand how they felt. Then I realize
that as missionaries, we go to experience this on a very very small
scale. I thought about when I said goodbye to my parents at the MTC,
and my parents were "sacrificing" me for 18 months. It must have been
hard for them...they lived with me by their side for the previous 19
years, they watched me grow and learn, and they taught me, and
everything led up to that point. And it was also hard for me to leave
them, but I knew it was the will of my Father to submit to these 18
months. It's so small compared to what Heavenly Father and Jesus
Christ actually went through, but it helped me understand it more.

Zone training and MLC were so awesome and I was able to receive so
much revelation and I was given so many opportunities to repent. I am
always so grateful for meetings to learn and grow and improve.

The highlight of the week was that Nichole got baptized! She was
baptized Friday night and I was brought to tears to see how many of
the youth showed up. There was a high school football game and so many
of them chose to come support Nichole instead! This ward is AMAZING!
One of the priests got to baptize her and it was a cool opportunity
for him too. Nichole was so happy and she couldn't stop smiling when
she got out of the water!

And yesterday, we went to Liberty Jail for Nichole to bear her
testimony at President's Devotional! Her testimony was so sweet! She
said "I am so happy and I just want to help other people be this
happy." She is so sweet!

We also taught Bailey again! We gave her a children's Book of Mormon
and she couldn't put it down! We are so excited for her to get
baptized too! Life is so good though! Hope you all have a wonderful

MLC family!  (All the zone leaders, sister training leaders and President and Sister Vest)

PLATTE CITY ZONE (minus the St. Joe sisters)

Nichole's baptism!

Nichole and all the Young Women

It was Cinda's birthday on for exercise Saturday morning, we ran to her house and wrote all over her car!  She kept it on for church on Sunday so we had to take a picture!  (Cinda is the Relief Society President)

LOOK WHO I SAW AT PRESIDENT'S DEVOTIONAL!!!!  Gigi Mojica and Loraine!  All we needed was Leia to be there!  I love the Mojica family!!!!


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