Monday, December 28, 2015

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas full of laughter, love, and
the spirit of this season- Jesus Christ! We didn't have a white
Christmas, but we woke up to snow today!!

Being a missionary on Christmas is probably the greatest thing ever. I
felt such a sense of reverence because I am a representative of Him
whose birth we celebrate. There isn't a greater calling than that!
Christmas morning we opened presents and I got so many wonderful
missionary gifts from my family! And then we had a huge breakfast at
the visitors center with all the senior couples and VC/Jail sisters.
We played some games and then we watched Sister Burton's talk from the
Christmas devotional. Wow, how grateful I am for the plan and that
Jesus Christ came to this earth to do the will of His Father, because
without that, the plan would be ruined. Then all of the sisters acted
out the nativity and that was one of the most powerful moments I've
had on my mission so far. All of us set apart servants of the Lord
gathered together to act out the humble events that led up to the
birth of our Savior. We all sang Away In A Manger and Silent Night and
I couldn't help but cry (surprising right?) it was so special.

Then I got to Skype the family!!!! What a treat that was! It was
seriously the greatest Christmas gift I could have! I got to bear my
testimony to them and we got to share special experiences together. It
was definitely a moment to remember :)

That night the elders and us went caroling! The highlight of the night
was caroling to Austin! He was over at his aunt's and we sang to the
whole family! It was so awesome and Austin was so happy! Michelle (his
aunt) was so sweet to us! They bought us Christmas presents! It was
the cherry on top of the day!

Speaking of Austin he is incredible. He is now giving Book of Mormons
to his co workers and he can't wait to be baptized! We took him to a
baptism and he got so excited! He is also so awesome that today he
took all of us missionaries on a personal tour of the arrowhead
stadium!! He works security for he Chiefs! He is the best and everyone
loves him! He is incredible and it's incredible to watch him progress.
I can't believe we first met him three weeks ago! Also, just to show
how awesome he is, he went out with the elders to do service for a
less active woman in our ward. GOLDEN!!!

We are still praying a lot for Amanda. She loves church so much and
it's so sad that she has this trial before getting baptized. But we
have faith that everything will work out! She has warmed up to us so
much and we love watching her grow.

There isn't much time for today so sorry this is short but I hope you
all had a wonderful Christmas and have a happy new year! Love you

Sister Moss

This is Kim...her father-in-law is in our bishopric here!  I worked with Kim at the BYU ticket office before my mission!

Pictures of Arrowhead Stadium (home of the Chiefs) with Austin!  We went through the whole stadium!

Two of the best things...cheerleading and football!

Who else gets to spend a P-day touring an NFL stadium?

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Have a Merry Christmas!

This week was good- a little hard because I got sick, but we had a
pretty good week! I can't believe Christmas is this week! I literally
CANT believe it! Time is so weird. But I'm so excited! And it'll be so
fun to skype home!!

We saw Patrick again this weekend... We love him! He is the best and
it's impossible not to be happy when we are around him! We usually see
him every week since he lives alone and can't really go anywhere.
Patrick is the definition of hope! And he is going to the temple this
week for the first time!!

We saw Austin on Friday! He said a lot of his co workers are now
interested which is AWESOME!!! He loves the Book of Mormon so much and
his progression shows it! When he prays, it is the most sincere
prayers ever! President Cato held a devotional for any investigators
and we went with Austin and it was one of the coolest things ever.
President Cato has a gift of talking about the gospel. He made the
gospel sound so simple and Austin felt the spirit so strongly! He
LOVES President Cato! I am so grateful for a stake president who is so
involved in missionary work!

Austin also came to church for the first time yesterday! He LOVED it.
The elders totally took him under their wing during priesthood and
Austin said he has never felt more welcome before. He said he had an
"A" experience!  And he said he felt the spirit all day! Austin is so

Amanda no longer is getting baptized this weekend :( she still needs
permission from her dad. We are praying super hard that things will go
well and especially that her dad softens his heart! She wants to be
baptized so badly! It's so cute!

I hope you all have a very merry Christmas and remember why we
celebrate this wonderful holiday! I know that our savior was born to
allow us to be born again. He strengthens us and lifts us and carries
us through- the good times and the bad. I know that as we emulate His
example, we will be changed through His Atonement. And I know that His
Atonement is for everyone! I love you all so much!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Long time no talk!

Hello friends and family! I hope you all are enjoying this Christmas
season! Especially the new A Savior is Born video! I invite you to
watch it if you haven't seen it! Actually, even if you have seen it,
go watch it again! :) it's so awesome and the spirit is so strong
because of how pure the children's testimonies are!

Not much has happened since Thursday. But we had a ward Christmas
party on Saturday and that was super super fun! I love the Raytown
ward! There was a talent show and our buddy Patrick sang and it was
the cutest thing in the whole world! I'll attach a little video :)

Also, Austin texted us and said that he has a testimony of the Book of
Mormon and Joseph Smith!!! He is seriously THE BEST!!! We literally
found him wrapped up with a bow on top and a tag saying Baptize Me!!!

It's been a change with all the new sisters here at the visitors
center, but I love all the sisters so much! The visitors center has
such a special spirit! I love serving here!!! Love you all so much!

Sister Moss

#ASaviorIsBorn so I can spend 18 months helping others find hope, peace and joy!

Being silly with Sister Wilkey :)

Thursday, December 10, 2015

6 Month Anniversary! is SIX MONTHS! I can hardly believe it. Six months ago
today I was entering the MTC. I am so grateful for how much I have
changed these past six months and I can't wait to see where I'll be a
year from now! This week was also transfers and I am staying in
Raytown with Sister Wilkey! We are the only companionship out of the
visitors center and Liberty jail who didnt change! We are so excited
for this transfer!

This week was full of happiness! That's what the Lord's work is-
happiness! We finally had our first lesson with Austin and he is so
awesome! We watched Meet the Mormons with him and answered some
questions. He is so prepared! We literally found him wrapped up with a
bow on top saying "baptize me!" He set a baptismal date for January
9!! :) the Lord really prepared people and as long as we are working
hard we can find them.

We met with Amanda again too! She is so cute. We watched Meet the
Mormons with her too and she said "I can be one of them!" She's so
darn sweet and so excited to be baptized! We found out her dad is kind
of against his kids joining the church so we are praying for his heart
to be softened so she can be baptized.

The other day we went over to Patrick's and we had quite the
adventure. It was a beautiful day outside and so we took him on a
walk...then his wheelchair broke! It was so sad and so scary! I didn't
want to hurt him at all and so I was so worried. We got it figured out
and thank goodness that there were some people around to help us!
Patrick is so awesome and he is the definition of hope! I am always so
happy when I am with him!

Tuesday was probably the best day on my mission so far! We got to go
with the 1st ward sisters to go with Dennis to the temple!!! I had the
privilege to be baptized for Dennis' wife, Pamela. The spirit was so
so so strong. Dennis was baptized for his father and Sister Day was
baptized for his mother. We were all crying, including him. We know
they for sure accepted it. Looking at Dennis in the temple was
incredible because I know that the Atonement has changed him. The
temple is what this work is all about!!! We were leaving and Dennis
started crying and said that he didn't want to leave...I am so
grateful for the spirit there and that I got to have that experience
with him.

Monday night, I took a group through the visitors center and it was
two members and two non members. One of the non members just started
meeting with missionaries and he brought his aunt to the visitors
center with them. I took them through God's Plan for His Family and at
the end Veronica (the non member aunt) expressed interest in meeting
with the missionaries. So I got her information and told her I would
send the missionaries to her! It was so awesome! THEN! The next day I
typed her address in to see what ward she is in to send her
missionaries AND SHE IS IN OUR WARD! So we went and saw her and we are
now working with her towards baptism!! We have seen so many blessings
and I know it's because we are working hard and trying to be exactly

Sister Moss

At the Kansas City temple with Dennis!

Love my Sister Wilkey

So there is a nickname for the sisters I came out with that serve at the Visitor's Center and Liberty Jail.  They call us "THE TEN".  We all  have been here for 6 months and they finally split us up!  But we had to get a picture of all of us.  These are lifelong friends!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas!

Hello friends and family! Today has been crazy so I'm running behind
so I'm going to be really brief! But I can't believe it's December

We saw some amazing miracles, we got three new investigators on
Saturday! One of them is Austin who is so prepared! He can't wait to
learn more and he told us he is looking for something and he thinks
this might be it! The other is a lady named Deborah. We knocked on her
door twice and no one answered. Then she pulled up with her daughter
from LOUISIANA! Heavenly Father places us where we need to be!

We had an all mission conference on Tuesday and it was so awesome! The
spirit of 240 something missionaries is overwhelming. We had some
awesome trainings and we had a lot of FUN! Each zone did a skit! Our
zone did "all I want for Christmas is a baptism, I'm dreaming of a
white jumpsuit, and away in independence" :) We all had so much fun!
Missions are the best!

Last night our stake presidency had a dinner for the high council and
missionaries in the stake! The people in the Independence stake are so
Zion like and it's because they understand the spirit of this place!
They are so Christlike. We had so much fun together! President Cato is
one of the greatest people I've ever met in my life!!!

Also, the Christmas initiative has been released! A savior is born is
so awesome and I invite you all to watch it and to share it on
Facebook and other social media! There is also another video that's
called the world without a savior. It makes me realize how grateful I
am that Heavenly Father loves us so much that He gave us His son!

Love you all so so so much! Here's to transfer week!!!

It beginning to look like Christmas at the Visitor Center!

Some of the VC sisters helping Sister Vest decorate the mission home