Monday, October 31, 2016

I Love the Book of Mormon!

Happy Halloween everyone! Halloween is definitely different as a
missionary, but we all carved pumpkins today so it was way fun! I
can't believe how fast time is going though. It is insane to me that
it is already the end of October! I feel like October just started..

This week was crazy, as always, but it was good! On Saturday we had a
ward party which consisted of a chili cook off and an obstacle course.
The obstacle course was family vs family, but the most anticipated
event of the whole day was elders vs sisters. You better believe it
that we destroyed the elders! Haha it was so much fun!

We taught Adrath more and she is doing so well! She is giving up
coffee and tea and she fasted yesterday for a testimony of Joseph
Smith. She is actually keeping her commitment to read the Book of
Mormon too which is amazing!

We taught Nichole this week about family history and we are preparing
her to go to the temple, which is so exciting! She came to the ward
party and the young women are amazing at fellowshipping her.

We got a referral for a guy named Scott and we were super excited
about it. We had an appointment for a church tour on Friday and we met
him and he is YSA age!!! He started dating an lds girl so he wanted to
learn more about how church. The church tour was amazing. He told us
he has felt distance from god lately and wants to baptized. We told
him that is exactly what we can help him with! He is super busy so
it'll be a bit hard to meet with him on a regular basis but he is
super prepared!

The work is so good. I love being a missionary. I find so much joy in
this work. Especially when it's hard and we are struggling and I go
through hard times, I remember whose work this is and I remember who
is in charge and I feel so much more confident because I am on the
winning team.

I've been thinking a lot about the Book of Mormon lately and how
special that book is to me. It truly is the keystone to my testimony.
I know everything else in the church is true because I know the Book
of Mormon is true. It gives me so much peace every time I read it. My
heart is filled with the spirit as I learn more about my Savior and
His Atonement. I know the Book of Mormon is true and that Jesus Christ
is our Savior.

Us and our pumpkins!!

The Sisters are #1!!

Exchanges with Sister Newren!

Best Reach and Rescue group ever!!  #YSA

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