Monday, October 24, 2016

Joy in Christ

Another week has come and gone...I don't know how it goes so fast but
it does! Im enjoying every second of my mission, especially as Sister
Day and I have focused on JOY. I truly know that joy comes through
Jesus Christ and there is nothing greater.

I guess the biggest news is we are moving! The Arendt's are moving to
Utah so this week we did a lot of service and helped them get their
house ready for showings. We got the house completely ready in just
two days! Miracles, I tell you.

Some sad news... Bailey's parents don't feel like she's ready for
baptism right now. But she can still come to church and take the
lessons! So she won't be getting baptized this weekend. But we are
planning to go talk to their whole family and answer any questions or
concerns they might have.

We had a major miracle though! We had a lesson with Adrath last Monday
evening and we left so frustrated. Adrath has been investigating for 2
years now and she still doesn't understand the priesthood and doesn't
keep her commitments. We committed her to pray about baptism at the
end of the lesson. The elders had a baptism on Saturday, so we set up
an appointment to meet at the baptism so she could actually see one.
We decided that at the baptism, she would either be on date or we
would drop her. We prayed so hard all week for Adrath that she would
finally accept a date..

On Saturday, we got to the baptism and we asked Adrath if she prayed
about baptism. She said yes so we asked what happened. She told us she
would tell us after the baptism... so the whole baptism I was thinking
she was going to tell us no but then she said "I got a yes-yes!" So
the spirit told her TWICE that she is supposed to get baptized!!! She
has a lot of fears about what her family will think, but she accepted
a date of November 19! It was an absolute miracle!!!

AND!!!! I found out that GIGI MOJICA IS GETTING BAPTIZED!!! She's
getting baptized November 11!!! I am sooooo excited!!!

This week I was reading Elder Ballard's talk from conference and there
was a line that really stood out to me. He said, "Sometimes we can
learn, study, and know, and sometimes we have to believe, trust, and
hope." I tend to get down on myself when I can't answer people's
questions or I don't know everything about an aspect of the gospel.
And this reminded me that we aren't supposed to know everything. There
are some things that we can know as we study, but there are some
things we have to exercise our faith in and trust God.

As I've been studying the Book of Mormon again with the focus of the
atonement, I know the atonement is real. I don't know how it works,
and I probably never will, but I know Christ suffered and died for us
so we can repent and return to live with Him again. I also know that
the Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ. It testifies
of His mission and atoning sacrifice. This truly is how we find joy!

Exchanges with Sister Bentley!

Our backyard at the Arendt's

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