Monday, March 28, 2016


Happy Monday friends and family! I hope everyone had a wonderful
Easter! I got something new this Easter....we had a WHITE Easter!
That's right, it SNOWED. Kansas has the most insane weather ever!

The highlight of the week: SAM GOT BAPTIZED!! His whole family came
and supported him and the spirit was way super strong! Sam's mom was
crying! Haha, something always happens though...the water overflowed
when Sam was baptized... Good memories I guess :) sam's mom is now a
new investigator and is going to sit in on the lessons!

Sam is baptized!!!

I went on exchanges to the Olathe 1st ward with Sister Baggett! It was
a lot of fun! That area is a Spanish area so I got to hear lots and
lots of Spanish. It was so cool and I really want to learn Spanish
now. I also got to help teach an English class which was super super
fun! I learned some Spanish there as well! I'm praying I serve there
one day!
Teaching English!

Exchanges with Sister Baggett!!!!

 On Tuesday, Sister Fuhriman was pretty sick, but we had a few lessons
planned and so I needed to find a sister to go on splits with me who
would be willing to come out all day. I was going through the phone
and one sisters name stuck out like a sore thumb. I called her and she
was more than willing to go. She was so awesome! And when we were
eating dinner I told her the spirit told me to ask her and she just
started crying and said that this was something that she needed. I am
so grateful that the spirit knows everything and can tell us things
that we couldn't know on our own. I know that part of the reason I
came on my mission was to learn how to communicate with the spirit.
I'm so grateful for this gift that is so important that I have been
able to develop as I have been serving!

At our district meeting this week, the zone leaders invited us to role
play with the hallelujah card and inviting people to sacrament meeting
and right after our meeting, we met a man named Damar who wanted to
come to church and loved the hallelujah video we showed him! He didn't
end up coming to church but I feel like this is something that he
needs right now! He said that the video made him feel like he needs to
be better. The spirit was telling him to act!

Saturday was the general women's broadcast and that was amazing!!!
Heavenly Father is so cool. I set a goal this week to look for more
service opportunities and then I went to the General Women's broadcast
and every single talk was about service! Heavenly Father was sending
me answers and giving me the tools I need to accomplish my goal. One
of my favorite things that was said was "reaching out matters to the
Lord". Even if it's the smallest thing, He notices and He appreciates
any act of service. And we are to serve and love only for the Lord's
approval, not for man's. I've really been striving to focus on that.

I am so excited for General conference this weekend! I always get so
excited to hear from our prophet and apostles. General conference
weekend is my FAVORITE! Another thing I've truly been learning on my
mission is that the most important prophet is the current one. He
tells us what Heavenly Father needs us to know NOW. And I know that as
we apply what we learn this weekend, we will be doing exactly what He
wants us to be doing. There is so much protection and peace in
following the prophet!

I love you all so very much and am so grateful for your prayers!

Happy Easter from us and Sister Foster!  :)

Monday, March 21, 2016

Happy Easter!

Hi everyone!!! Happy spring! I don't know how it is back home, but
it's been warming up and the flowers are starting to bloom! I love
spring and the new, beautiful start that we have after the dreary
winter :)

I also love spring because we get to celebrate Easter! And celebrate
new life! The church released the new Easter video last week called
Hallelujah and it's wonderful! I hope you all have had the chance to
see it and to share it in your social media with all of your friends!
I love Easter and getting to truly reflect on what the resurrection
means for us...that we all will live again and so will our families.

Probably the best news that I got this week is that my brother got his
mission call!! Tanner is going to the Italy Milan mission! I got the
video of him opening his mission call and I felt the spirit so
strongly and I cried like a little baby! I am so excited for him and I
know he is going to be the greatest missionary in the whole world! I
am a very proud big sister :)

This week was much better than last week, we were actually able to
leave the apartment! It was kind of sad because most people cancelled
their appointments, but hey, that's the story of missionary work!
People use their agency and at times it's frustrating but then I
remind myself how great of a blessing it is that we have agency.

We saw the Foster's a few times and they are so amazing! They are
moving to Utah soon and I'm so sad they're leaving us. Miracle of the
week- we ate dinner with the Foster's and when we pulled up, two of
their neighbors were outside and they called us over to talk to them!
Their names are Janie and Pam. They both have Book of Mormons and we
talked to them about it for a while and they were so nice! It was way
cool and we have a return appointment with them!

We saw Sam again and he is so awesome! He is so ready for his baptism
this Saturday! He is so excited! We taught him the commandments and he
said he already lives all of them so that was way cool. He is just so

We found a guy named J.P. this week who has talked to elders before
and said he read the whole Book of Mormon in two weeks! We have
another appointment with him coming up soon too. Heavenly Father is
blessing us a lot right now. It's really cool!

One of the best moments of my week was that I finished the Book of
Mormon again! It was super awesome. I took Moroni's promise and knelt
and prayed and the spirit confirmed to me yet again that the Book of
Mormon is the word of God. And the power in that book is incredible-
life changing. I have truly been changed because of the doctrine of
Christ, which is found in the Book of Mormon.

Have a fabulous week and happy Easter everyone!!!

Saw the sign but of course we knocked anyway!  :)

Some of my zone on P-day!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Apostle # 12!

This week was interesting for sure, but I had some amazing
experiences! First of all, I hit my NINE MONTH MARK!!! Half way!!! I
honestly can't believe it's been 9 months since I went into the MTC. I
think back to that day and realize how much I have grown. The doctrine
of Christ has been engraved on my heart and has helped transform me
into the person I am now. And I still have 9 more months to go!!

Sister Fuhriman and I were both sick this week, so we didn't really
get out to our area which was pretty sad. But we needed to take the
time to rest and heal so we can be fully healthy to serve the lord!

We did have some amazing experiences, though. On Tuesday we had
interviews with President and Sister Vest, which is always awesome!
President was able to make some really powerful promises to me and he
was able to help me understand my purpose even more. I have a
testimony of priesthood keys and that those who hold priesthood keys
are able to receive revelation and they guide in the direction of
Heavenly Father. Sister Vest is always a pleasure to talk to :)

After interviews, Sister Fuhriman and I received our transfer
blessings which is always incredible! I love the priesthood so much
and I am so grateful for worthy priesthood holders. Elder Torrico was
able to give me one of the most powerful blessings I have received.
One thing that he said is "we bless you to become the missionary that
you desire to be." I feel with it being my half way mark this week,
that Heavenly Father has things in store for me to really grow this
transfer. I have a feeling this transfer is going to be a good one :)

Friday we had zone training! I love zone training so much, I always
receive answers to my prayers! Elder Torrico and Elder Greenburg are
amazing zone leaders and they follow the spirit so well. They always
testify of our zone and it helps our zone be unified. It's so awesome!
I love the Lenexa zone! :)
Zone training on Friday, March 11

SATURDAY WAS LIFE CHANGING. We had an all mission conference with
Elder Donald Deschler, Elder Wilfred Anderson, and ELDER GALE
meeting was so powerful! He walked in the chapel and the mood
completely changed. The first thing he said when he walked in was that
he wanted to shake everyone's hand. So we all lined up and we got to
shake hands with him and introduce ourselves. I was the very last
person to shake his hand, and he said that this is a 10 second
interview that he gets to have with us. It was so cool!

Elder Deschler talked about how special our calling is and how
important the members are in the work. He talked about how all of the
members need to have the missionaries in their home for dinner, so I
invite all of you to do that!!! :) that's coming from a member of the
quorum of the seventy, not from me :)

Elder Anderson talked about the difference between head knowledge and
heart knowledge and soul knowledge. And how we need to know doctrine,
but once we have heart knowledge, we have a spiritual confirmation
that it is true. And then once we have soul knowledge we act on that
and change to be more like Jesus Christ.

Elder Stevenson talked about eternal marriage.... It was really cool
to hear his testimony of it though. He really made it known that
celestial marriage is the most important thing we can do once we go
home. Kinda weird to talk about, but it was really cool. And then he
bore a powerful testimony of the savior and the work that we are doing
as missionaries. It was so cool and my testimony strengthened that the
Lord calls people to do His work.
Sisters at the All-Mission conference

Well I hope you all have a wonderful week! :)

ALDO'S PIC!  Sister Foster gave me a pair of her Aldo's so I had to snap a pic!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Transfer #7!

Another transfer has come and gone! Sister Fuhriman and I are staying
together! We got taken out of the YSA, though :( but it's going to be
a good transfer! It's also a 7 week long transfer which means one
extra week! And exciting news, we now have bikes!!! I'm so excited!

This week was way good, there is always so much going on that its hard
to remember! On Friday we took the Mojica's to the Liberty jail! That
was so much fun! And I got to see Sister Christiansen there too so
that made me happy! Leia is so amazing and she bore her testimony last
night at the president's devotional and it was so good! I am so
grateful we found her!

On Saturday we took Jennifer to the visitors center with Sister Bird!
She loves the idea of eternal families which is so awesome! She came
to church too and she loved it!

Courtnie got her phone shut off so we haven't heard from her, so we
didn't expect her to come to church. But she showed up!!! She found a
member of our ward on Facebook and asked them for a ride! That is huge
for Courtnie because she actually made an effort to come to church! We
also learned that we have been spelling her name wrong the whole

On Saturday, the stake had a mini MTC for the laurels and priests of
the ward and we got to train at it and it was so cool! It was awesome
being with the youth and hearing their testimonies and seeing them
prepare for a mission.

I'm so sorry this email is so short, I really don't know what else to
talk about.... But I am so happy to be here and I am loving everything
I'm doing! Love you all!

Singing at the Rose Estates!

At the Visitor Center with Jennifer and the Bird's!

At Liberty Jail!