Monday, September 26, 2016

General Conference is coming!

I totally jinxed the weather last week saying fall was here...
Everyday this past week was in the 90s with CRAZY humidity! I am so
sick of the heat...I want fall weather! This week looks more "season
appropriate" so I am excited for that :)

The best weekend of the month started with the general women's
broadcast on Saturday! I absolutely love General conference and
getting to hear the words of our beloved prophet. I can't wait for
this weekend! The general women's broadcast was amazing and I am so
grateful for the focus of Christlike attributes- faith, hope, charity,
diligence...I am grateful for our Savior who set a perfect example for
us to follow.

There's been lots of ups and downs this week for sure. For one, I got
my first chigger bites! Bound to happen being in Missouri for 15
months, right? ;) But the Lord is good to us and He continues to bless
us more than we deserve.

Nichole is doing so good! She went to mutual and she even went to
early morning seminary! That is dedication. She came to the general
women's broadcast on Saturday and to church again yesterday. She
absolutely loves everything and we feel like everything is going to
work out for October 15!

We made a lot of good contacts this week. I'm grateful for the spirit
and how he works. On Saturday, we were out tracting and I saw a car
with some Idaho license plates, so I needed to knock on their door to
figure out where they're from (Idaho pride). The spirit wouldn't let
me walk past those Idaho license plates and I'm so grateful! We met a
lady who was just moving in from Twin Falls! She grew up in Utah and
her mom and grandma are both members of the church! She said we could
come back next week!

Yesterday was fast and testimony meeting and I heard probably the best
testimony I've ever heard. A little 9 year old girl got up and said
"I've been thinking a lot lately about Jesus Christ in the Garden of
Gethsemane. When I was baptized, I didn't think much of the occasion,
I just thought about how my dad was going to dunk me in some water.
But now that I'm baptized, I have thought about the pain that Jesus
Christ felt just so I could be baptized. I love Jesus Christ." The
spirit was tangible. THIS is who Christ said was the greatest in the
kingdom of God (Matthew 18:1-6). THIS is what it means to become
childlike. To understand that Jesus Christ suffered for me. That He is
my Savior and because of that, I can be forgiven of my sin. No doubt,
no fear, just complete trust and faith. I am grateful for that

One other cool experience is that I got to go through the liberty jail
twice this week. The spirit kept telling me that all of this really
happened. Joseph Smith really did see God the Father and Jesus Christ.
He really did restore Christ's church and His priesthood power. He
really did commune with Jehovah, even in the darkest 4 and a half
months of his life. He truly translated the Book of Mormon, which is
another testament of Jesus Christ. I KNOW all of these things happened
because the Holy Ghost has borne witness of it to me. I know this is
the Lord's church!

Exchanges with Sister Taylor!  Aftermath of being outside in the humidity allllll day!

Liberty Jail!  The Johnsons from our ward brought our investigator Connie!  Sister Hixon used to serve in this ward and she took us through the presentation!

Sunset in Weston, Missouri.... to die for!

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