Monday, October 10, 2016

21 !!!

What a happy, happy day! Pday and a birthday to celebrate! Thank you
all for your birthday wishes! I am so grateful to have such wonderful
friends and family! And I am so grateful to have such an awesome
companion who has spent BOTH of my birthdays on my mission with me!

This week has been so awesome! We taught Nichole a few times and she
is so excited to be baptized. She is getting baptized this Friday!!!
Her mom gave her permission and Nichole can hardly wait. We took her
to a thrift store for her birthday and got her a dress to wear :) She
wore it to church yesterday and she looked so pretty!

We did some CRAZY service on Friday. Us and the elders cleaned out
this lady's attic and it was NASTY. We were in the garage where the
whole family smokes, so we reeked of smoke. Plus all the stuff in the
attic was so gross. There was a bunch of old rugs and pictures and
clothes and random junk... All the stuff filled up the entire garage!
And there was fiberglass everywhere. THEN we had to pack it all into
our cars to drop it off somewhere. It took us like 3 trips of loading
and unloading dusty old junk in and out of our cars. Needless to say,
we smelt bad, our cars have fiberglass everywhere in them, and I felt
so dirty the rest of the day. But she is a new investigator so that's

There is a family in our ward who has been bringing a friend to
church. Her name is Bailey and she is 8. She lives across the street
from the Hynes and always wants to come to church with them! We talked
to her parents if we could teach her and they said that we could! They
weren't interested themselves, but they support Bailey in whatever she
wants to do. So last night we went over to the Hynes to have our first
lesson with Bailey and she is on date for the 29th! She is really
excited and it was so cute!

I had an experience this week that really strengthened my testimony of
the priesthood. There was one night that Sister Day and I were told
about some creepy stuff that has been going on in this area and we
definitely couldn't feel the spirit. We sat in the car and just drove
around and we didn't know where to go. We prayed and we knew we needed
priesthood blessings. We called our elders and met up at a member's
home. The elders were able to give us blessings and the spirit totally
changed. I was filled with pure love from my Savior and the spirit
told me that everything would be alright. I knew that through that
priesthood blessing, I was able to feel the spirit again and feel the
peace only Jesus Christ can give. I'm forever grateful for the

Getting a dress with Nichole!

We got pedicures for my birthday!

Gluten and dairy free birthday cake


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