Monday, December 5, 2016


Has it really already been a week since I emailed home? And is it
really December? Time only gets faster... Yesterday was my last fast
Sunday as a full time missionary and it hit me how soon it is to being
over. I'm not quite sure how to feel about it.

But the week was good! Crazy, but good. We are REALLY struggling to
find new people to teach. I've been learning a lot about patience
lately. It is one of the hardest attributes to develop in my opinion.
But Satan teaches us to receive things NOW and see things NOW and
understand everything NOW. But that is not how Heavenly Father works.
He works line upon line. And I often have to remind myself
that...especially when we go through periods like this where we go 3
weeks without a new investigator. It's definitely hard not to get

Thank goodness for the #LIGHTtheWORLD initiative, though, because I've
been a lot more focused on service and being like Christ, even if it
doesn't result in numbers or anything. It's really helped me
understand who Jesus Christ is and the motives behind everything He
did. On the 3rd, I read an account in Mark about how Christ healed a
blind man and I thought about the very end of the story when He told
the man not to tell anyone what had happened. Christ never went about
looking for praise or recognition. He served out of the goodness of
His heart and to glorify His Father. We all should remember that,
especially as we serve throughout this month.

Something really cool happened this week! Brother and Sister Johnson
have a man who lives across the street that we met last week and we
invited him over for dessert and a Christmas message (we totally
through the Johnson's under the bus...thank goodness they're awesome
and were okay with it!) On Friday, David came into the Johnson's home
and we shared the light the world video and had some dessert and
chatted for a while. Brother Johnson invited him to church and gave
him a calendar for the initiative. David didn't become a new
investigator, but it was really cool to watch member missionary work
take place and how strong the spirit is when it happens in someone's
home. David loved the message and hopefully we will see him again this

Funny story.. last week the elders left a card on our car that said
"tag" on it, and we begun a tag battle! Whenever we see each other's
car we can tag them and if we don't get caught we get a point. It's
lasting all transfer and at the end, the losers have to buy the
winners lunch! I'll give weekly updates because it's very intense
competition. Sisters - 2 and elders - 1! #SistersRock

Sister Day and I

Exchanges with Sister Edwards

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