Monday, November 28, 2016

Light the World!

I hope you all had a WONDERFUL thanksgiving! We had such a good day
here. We ate dinner at the Cook's with the Hatch's and it was so much
fun. I love these two families so much, and I just love this ward!
I've met some truly amazing people here and I'm so grateful for all of
them. I'm also so very grateful for my mission. It has helped me so
much to understand who Christ is and how I can become like Him.
Because of my mission, I have been able to come closer to Him and
fully he healed. (Look up 3 Nephi 9: 13-14... one of my favorites!!!)

Kimi was baptized this week! It was probably the coolest baptism I've
been to. Aremondo baptized her and he was baptized in July. And a girl
named Tyler spoke and she was baptized in August. They all met at
school and now they are all members of the church! And they're
continuing to help others come to church! Kimi was SO happy after she
was confirmed and we could just SEE the glow in her. In relief society
we went around saying what we were grateful for and she said she was
grateful for her sister missionaries and gave us big was

I was also able to go to Independence to see Darlene Sampson be
baptized! That was so cool. I found out that there is no more
Independence 2nd ward, though! It got dissolved into two other wards.
But it was so fun to see some people from 2nd ward and to see the
change that was in Darlene. I know Mac is so happy on the other side
of the veil!

Maddox Bennett is also on date to be baptized! Bishop met with Jesse
(Maddox's dad) to get him ready to baptize her and we are planning on
December 10! That'll be such a good day. The Bennett family is awesome
and I'm so excited for Maddox to finally get baptized! :)

We have really exciting stuff with baptisms going on, but we are
really struggling to find new people to teach. But we are exercising
faith and patience and I know they'll come. I can't believe how fast
time goes and I'm still enjoying every second, even the hard days when
no one talks to us.

On Friday, the #LIGHTtheWORLD initiative went live and I am so excited
about it! I hope you've all been able to see the video, but if not,
make sure to get on and watch it and then share it! And
don't forget about the service in 25 ways over 25 days calendar! It's
so cool how that is included with this initiative. We all get to be
the light this Christmas season as we serve our brothers and sisters
around us. What an honor it is for each and every one of us to act and
serve in Christ's name. Our ward mission leader invited our ward
council to share the video and calendar with 5 people and invite you
all to do the same! To be the light and share this message with 5
people. This is how we will light the world!

We love Kimi!

Kimi and Aremondo!

Darlene got baptized!!!  :)

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