Monday, September 12, 2016

Obedience brings MIRACLES!

Hello from Missouri! This week was incredible. We had MLC (mission
leadership council) where all the zone leaders and sister training
leaders meet at the mission home with President and Sister Vest, the
assistants, and Elder and Sister Toronto. It is probably the most
amazing meeting ever! It was about 6 hours long and absolutely
revelatory. I was surrounded by missionaries I have looked up to my
whole entire mission and I felt so humbled to be there. And I know
that President Vest is called of God. It was incredible to be able to
watch the priesthood keys in action. All of the trainings were under
his direction and it was exactly what our mission needed. I know the
priesthood of God was restored through the prophet Joseph Smith.

We take those trainings to zone training and that, too, was incredible
experience. I had never trained at zone training before and I was a
little nervous and then President Vest showed up to ours! But it went
well and the spirit was so strong. I love meeting with missionaries
and feeling the special spirit missionaries carry. I'm going to miss

CAMERON WAS BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY! I got to go out to his baptism! It
was SO COOL to see him be baptized just three weeks after we met him!
It's moments like that that make all the hard times of a mission worth
it! He had the biggest smile on his face and I knew that he had truly
repented of his sins and he was prepared to make special promises with

Something I've been studying a lot this transfer is obedience. I felt
like I was supposed to focus on this attribute this transfer not
because I'm disobedient, but because obedience hasn't been my quest.
And President Vest's favorite quote says when obedience becomes our
quest and not an irritant, in that moment we are endowed with power. I
have been making obedience my quest and I have learned so much about
my Savior through it. Jesus Christ was perfectly obedient to the
Father. Because of Christ's obedience, He was given power to
accomplish everything He was able to.

We are asked to be obedient to the commandments, to our leaders, to
the prophet, to the spirit... I remember I would always use the excuse
that "no one is perfect" for my disobedience. But as I've been
studying obedience I have learned that we aren't perfect, but we
should strive to be. Christ commands us to be perfect like He and our
Father are (3 Nephi 27:27). We ALL have our favorite little sins that
we hold on to and justify, but that is us pitting our will against
God's! I have learned to truly let go of all unrighteousness and be
exactly obedient. And then when we mess up, we have the atonement to
be forgiven. But if we aren't striving to be perfect through Christ,
we don't receive that power.

I am so very grateful for all the lessons I've learned on my mission
and all that I will continue to learn. I am so grateful for my
testimony that has been strengthened through living the doctrine of
Christ. I know the gospel of Jesus Christ is real and true and life

My favorite view of Platte City

Get this...he was robbed and beat up the week of his baptism.  Cameron is too strong to let Satan stop him from getting baptized!

We went to a way cute mall today for P-day called Zona Rosa

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