Monday, September 19, 2016

I Love My Mission

Fall is my favorite time of year, especially in Missouri! The weather
is absolutely perfect and all the trees turn gorgeous colors. And it
lasts longer than a couple of weeks :) The Lord is oh so good to His
missionaries! I feel way too blessed! I am so grateful that He answers
prayers! We have been praying so hard for some solid people to teach
and He definitely provided! Ever since MLC, we have committed to
inviting someone to be baptized every single day and we have only
missed one day so far! Miracles have happened because of it!

On Tuesday we met this girl named Nichole. The elders had met her just
walking outside and sent us over to see her. She is 15 and absolutely
adorable! On Tuesday we taught her lesson one and put her on date for
October 15! We saw her again on Thursday and she is reading the Book
of Mormon! She always talks about how she hates her lessons at school
but she loves our lessons :) She also says the best closing prayers!
On Thursday in her prayer she said "thank you for these lessons and I
hope one day I can share them with someone". My heart absolutely

Plug in for members to go out with missionaries... We had Brynlee, one
of our ward missionaries come out with us to see Nichole! Brynlee is
16 and UNDERSTANDS missionary work! Brynlee invited her to mutual and
church and offered rides to both. Nichole's birthday is also coming up
so Brynlee said they could watch a movie at her house to celebrate! I

Nichole came to church yesterday and loved it! She loved meeting the
young women and making friends. She carried around her Book of Mormon
everywhere :) She also got her moms permission to be baptized!

Later Thursday night, we were trying a potential and we found an
apartment complex that we had never seen and there was nothing in our
area book from there. NEW PEOPLE TO TRACT! We knocked on 3 doors and
got return appointments with all 3 of them! We went back and saw one
of them, Kassandra, the very next day! She is a YSA which is a miracle
in and of itself! We taught lesson one and put her on date for October

On Friday we went to see the Burley family! Shannon is dating a less
active member of our ward and we are trying so hard to work with them.
Shannon has two daughters, Lily and Zoe, who are 18 and 16. Lily is
the most interested and she is searching so hard for truth right now.
We taught them the plan of salvation and they all loved what we
taught, especially Lily! They loved the kingdoms of glory the most
which is way cool. While we were teaching the lesson, Lily could
hardly contain herself because she was so excited. Zoe asked how we do
baptism and we said we do it by immersion and Lily literally jumped
out of her chair because she was so excited and she said she wants to
be rebaptized so badly. We put all 3 of them on date for October 29!

Lily reminded me how exciting our message really is. It truly is
incredible to know that we have a LIVING PROPHET who directs the
church through the PRIESTHOOD. Everything He says is what CHRIST
Himself would say to us. We know our families can be together FOREVER
because of the TEMPLE and the sealing ordinances. We have ANOTHER
testament of Jesus Christ through the Book of Mormon. We know that
Christ is our SAVIOR and He paid the price for our sins so we could
return to live with Heavenly Father again. The gospel is so TRUE!

I discovered one of my new favorite scriptures this week. Alma 12:34.
"Therefore, whosoever repenteth, and hardeneth not his heart, he shall
have claim on mercy through mine Only Begotten Son, unto a remission
of his sins; and these shall enter into my rest."
To repent means to simple turn to Christ. Every time you read your
scriptures, you repent. Every time you say your prayers, you repent.
Every time you serve someone, you repent. When you choose Christ, just
like President Monson talked about in April, you are choosing to
repent. And when we do these things we are accepting the gift that has
been given to us- the Atonement of our Savior. He already paid the
price for our sins, but through our obedience and our repentance, we
truly accept this sacrifice and we receive a remission of sins. I know
that His rest is the peace that enters into our heart as we choose to
follow Him. I have experienced that as I have used the Atonement daily
in my efforts to follow my Savior. I am so grateful that He is the
way. He showed us what we need to do to receive all the blessings He
has in store for us. If we will just follow Him, we will be able to
receive His mercy.

Best dinner appointment!  We learned how to make sushi!  And you could say, it's my new favorite meal!

Exchanges with Sister Oldroyd!  She is absolutely incredible!

Platte City love with Sister Day

A little, tiny town called Farley.  Funny story, we actually got stuck on the hill because of a storm the night before.  Good times.

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