Sunday, August 7, 2016

My heart is forever in Independence!

Hello to my beautiful friends and family! I hope you all are having an
excellent week and enjoying the little bit of summer that is left! I
can't believe it's already August!

This morning, we went on a walk down the Missouri River with Elder and
Sister Sharp and it was so much fun! It was so pretty! Missouri is
beautiful with all of the green trees and bushes. The whole time I was
singing to myself the primary song that says 'I'm glad that I live in
this beautiful world Heavenly Father created for me.' I am so grateful
for a God who gave us this beautiful place to live so we can come
closer to Him.

So a long time ago there used to be a pageant here in Independence but
for some reason they stopped it. But the Independence stake is putting
on a musical thing to try and get things going again here and we get
to see it tonight! I am so excited and will tell you all about it next
week! Independence is such an awesome place. I usually have to remind
myself that I am in ZION!

Atasha watched the Joseph smith movie with us and she came to church
again and she is doing awesome! She loves everything! And Darlene is
doing good, she got sick so she couldn't come to church but she is
coming to the stake production tonight!

Awesome miracle of the week: last night we were at dinner and we asked
for referrals as always and the husband said "The only people that I
keep thinking about are Sami and Sekope Kafusi." Sami is a less active
and her husband, Sekope isn't a obviously we have tried
them in the past but we couldn't ever get in touch with them. But
because Brother Steeple said he was thinking of them we knew it was
from the spirit and we went over. We found Sami at home! Even she said
we were lucky to have caught her at home! We talked about temple
marriage and invited her and her husband to come see Gods Plan for His
Family at the VC and she got so excited! We also invited her to the
production and she was excited for that too!

Also! The new Meet the Mormons stories came out! But they're only
being shown in visitors centers! So if you're around a visitors
center, stop in to watch them because they're amazing!

Our walk along the Missouri River!


Relief Society Pool party!

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