Thursday, July 28, 2016


I am so excited to tell you all about my week! It truly was a week of
miracles! Elder Andersen taught us a lot about miracles when he was
here and the power that we have as missionaries to pull down the
powers of heaven in order to produce miracles. Sister Wilkins and I
really tried to apply what we learned and we saw amazing things

Saturday we had a full pros day, meaning we didn't have to be at the
visitors center at all that day...AND we had a car! Which hardly
happens, so we were so excited to go out into our area all day and see
so many people! We were praying all day for miracles! Our plan was to
just take the ward roster out and contact as many people as we could.
The funny thing is, is Heavenly Father took this plan that we prayed
about and He led us to where we needed to be. We actually didn't meet
a single person on our ward roster, but we knew we were where we
needed to be and we saw so many miracles.

Miracle #1. We were driving down the road to go see a less active, and
we passed by another less active's house who we hadn't been able to
get in contact with in a long time and their door was open! So we
flipped around and went to see who was home. A lady named Danae opened
the door and she told us the Fuimaono's had moved, but we talked to
her for a little bit. We told her about the Book of Mormon and she
told us she was just thinking about running away and then we showed
up! We said a prayer with her and then she said she was going to go
cry because she felt the spirit!!!

Miracle #2. We felt like we needed to go check in on Darlene and see
how she was doing because we hadn't heard from her in a couple of
days. We asked her how her prayers were going about baptism and if she
had gotten an answer. She said most of her prayers had been for Mac
lately and I got the strongest impression to leave a promise with her.
I was so scared though because it was very bold but I knew it was from
Christ. I told her that this promise was coming from Christ Himself
and that if she were to choose a baptism date and work towards that,
Mac would be able and healthy to attend. The spirit was so strong and
Darlene said she believed that! We wanted her to choose the date since
she had been pushed in the past. She said that November 25 was a date
that kept coming to her mind...yes, it is a while away, but the fact
Darlene even chose a date is a huge miracle. And I really gained a
testimony that we as missionaries are representatives of Jesus Christ.

Miracle #3. When we walked into Darlene's, her neighbor was on the
porch and she was still there when we came or so we went and talked to
her. Her name is Jennifer and she had been dealing with a lot of
stress and stuff when she saw us walk into Darlene's. She was so
grateful we came over to talk to her and we introduced her to the Book
of Mormon and she found it really fascinating. She asked a lot of
questions about our church and showed genuine interest in learning. We
are meeting with her later this weekend!

Saturday was probably the most exciting and most exhausting day ever!
But it was amazing and it strengthened my testimony that Heavenly
Father hears and answers prayers. The rest of the week continued to
have miracles as we continued to be exactly obedient and call down the
powers of heaven.

Miracle #4. Atasha came to church! And she LOVED it! And her son,
Noah, came along and behaved!

Miracle #5. A member of our ward brought a non member friend to church
with her! Kathleen told us she had met with missionaries in the past
and she really wants to be baptized and sealed to her husband who had
passed away! We have an appointment with her tonight! (Funny story of
the week: Kathleen is legally blind, so she chose to sit in the very
front of the chapel. Sister Wilkins was giving a talk, so I sat by
Kathleen. Anyway, she pulls out this magnifying device that looks like
a camera and points it up at the pulpit while our bishop was talking.
And then she used it to look over at the young men who were preparing
the sacrament. In my mind I was like 'oh goodness, everyone probably
thinks she is video taping this right now...' So I asked her to put it
away until after sacrament meeting. And sure enough, everyone came up
to me to ask if she was video taping the meeting...)

Miracle #6. On Monday we were trying more less actives and at this one
apartment complex, we didn't find the person at home so we were just
about to walk down the stairs, when we decided we would knock on the
door right at the top of the stairs first. A lady named Pam opened the
door and told us she had just met some elders a couple of weeks ago!
(And then I remembered that Elder Oram and Elder Haderlie had told us
that they met this awesome lady named Pam and would refer us to her
when they heard back from her!!!) Pam told us she had read the Book of
Mormon every night since she met them and felt the spirit every time
she read it! She is going through a lot in her life right now but
feels like God is trying to speak to her. We are going to go see her
again this weekend and we are so excited. And then it gets better! We
called the elders to tell them what happened and Elder Smith and Elder
Haderlie told us they were just thinking about her but wouldn't be
able to see her today! So the spirit took this prompting from the
elders and sent it to us and allowed us to get in contact with her!

Miracle #7. Right before we were about to head inside for the night on
Monday, we chose one last house to knock on. And we did and met a guy
named Dustin. He said he and his wife had met missionaries a few years
ago but they just stopped showing up and he had no idea why. His wife
wasn't home that night so he told us to come back the next day. So
Tuesday morning we went over and met with Dustin and Maria and had an
awesome lesson with them and we got 2 new investigators!

Miracle #8. This miracle comes from teaching center! I had this guys
information who lives in New Mexico and I felt super prompted to call
him, so I did. He told me he was meeting with the missionaries a
couple of weeks ago but didn't feel like this was the church for him.
So I talked to him for a bit longer and he had lots of questions that
I was able to answer and he found comfort in those answers. I called
him again yesterday and we talked a lot about the Book of Mormon and
the power that it has. He committed to start reading it again and I am
so excited to continue teaching him! Teaching center is such a neat
tool how to reach more people across the world and share the gospel of
Jesus Christ.

Miracles are happening and I am so grateful to be the Lord's servant
and to bring people closer to Jesus Christ! I know that this work is
true and that it is HIS work! I have definitely learned that this

Missouri has the prettiest skies

Love my companion!!!

This is Odie, Darlene's dog... he's probably the most intimidating dog I've ever seen and he's only 2 years old!  He likes to sit in our lessons.  :)
Just a taste of Missouri beauty... All the pretty green makes up for the lack of mountains.

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