Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The miracles continue!

A lot of people ask what it's like to serve in a visitors center...
Well here is a taste of visitor center life! We had 9,500 people in
the VC in July!!! That's 9,500 people who were able to feel the spirit
and feel their Savior's love for them. And that's 9,500 people who we
as VC missionaries got to share our testimonies with!

We went to the stake production "Families Are Eternal" last week and I
was so impressed! It went all throughout the plan of salvation and the
music brought the spirit so strongly. President Cato announced this
last summer when I was serving here and I am so happy I got to be here
to see it! He came up to me after and said "I told you it would be
awesome." I am so very grateful for the plan of salvation and the
comfort it brings me. I can't imagine not knowing that we will see our
loved ones again. I'm also so grateful for a Savior, who makes this

I've been in the visitors center for 7 transfers now, and that is a
long time! I've never had a VC baptism or a teaching center baptism
though, and I've been really wanting one. There has been a lot of
focus in our mission by our leaders and all the general authorities
who have visited to learn the principle of setting goals, making
plans, and taking it to the Lord. So this has been a huge focus of
mine for this past transfer. I've been praying that I would have a
miracle VC or teaching center baptism and I would do anything I needed
to to make it happen. On Friday, there were 3 guys who walked in and I
wasn't on hot seat, but for some reason I stood up and wandered over
and greeted them. I met Jeff, his 14 year old son, Marshall, and their
friend, Derrick. They had traveled from South Dakota to see the
sights. I was then told that Derrick is Joseph Smith's
great-great-great grandson and that he was a member of the reorganized
church!!! Jeff is the ward mission leader of the ward Derrick has been
attending back home as he has been investigating for a little over a
year. I talked to Derrick for a bit before we started and I was asking
him about his journey of investigating. He told me he just didn't feel
like he had an answer I promised him that if he opened up his
heart to the spirit while he was at the VC, he would receive his

We went into God's Plan for His Family and really focused on the
temples. Derrick said he has walked around temple grounds before and
that he felt the spirit there and it was similar to how he felt here.
We talked about the fruits of the spirit and how the Holy Ghost is the
testifier of truth. Jeff was able to share a really powerful testimony
of the temple which invited the spirit so strongly. While I was
praying, I was told very clearly by the spirit that this was the
answer to my prayers! I pleaded with the Lord that He would let me
know what to share to help Derrick progress toward baptism. After
God's Plan, we went into the prophet's room and talked a little bit
more about temples and modern day prophets. Derrick said he thinks
it's really cool how we have prophets today and we talked about what
that really means.

Then we went down to the history and I hardly taught any history at
all! We had some really good chats and it was so awesome. We went in
the printing press room and I showed a video clip about missionary
work and I felt really prompted to share the experience I just had
with praying and knowing I was supposed to help Derrick towards
baptism, so I did! Derrick didn't really say a whole lot at first, but
we moved into the 5 screen room, and he said "I have to tell you
something." He told me that the missionaries at home asked him to be
baptized and he wasn't going to do it... Then he said "but after what
you just shared, I seriously am thinking I will." !!!!! I was totally
taken away and the spirit hit me like a brick wall. We went up to the
Christus and got a picture (which I sadly don't have) and Derrick gave
me his info. It was SO COOL! And my testimony grew so much that
Heavenly Father takes our goals and plans and consecrates them.

Another example of this principle- we had a goal to have 3
investigators at sacrament meeting, but on Saturday night it looked
like we were only going to have 2. So we were praying so hard for a
miracle that we would reach the goal we set for ourselves. Right when
sacrament meeting was starting JILL LAMB (my investigator from 1st
ward!!!) walked in! We went up and sat by her and she loved fast and
testimony meeting! She moved out of 1st ward area and wants to get
baptized really badly. Heavenly Father took our faith and goal and
made a miracle...3 investigators at sacrament meeting! And what a
tender mercy that it was Jill who came!

Updates on our investigators... Darlene is so awesome! She now
introduces herself to everyone as Sister Sampson :) she is one of the
most faithful church goers I know! Atasha is also doing so good! We
met with her yesterday and she has a new baptism date of September 30!
We are really going to try and help her overcome smoking for this to
happen. She told us she feels a difference in this church which is so
cool! She is really sensitive to the spirit.

Funny story of the week! We knocked on this door trying to find this
girl and these two other girls opened the door and the first thing
they said was, "We are eating pizza and drinking lots of beer." We
started laughing so hard!!! They were so drunk. We asked for Krista
and one of the girls said she was in the bathroom throwing up because
she was so drunk and we were really trying to hold back our laughs.
They continued to offer us some beer and we said no and they told us
that they were Catholic because they let them drink "lots of beer".
Hahaha then they said we probably shouldn't come back. Sister Wilkins
and I were crying because we were laughing so hard. Have such a
wonderful week everyone! I love you all!

Our little Garden of Eden behind the Visitor Center

Ushering at the stake production with our Elders!

Jill and I at church!  My heart was exploding with pure love at this moment!

At one of our dinners this week, they had these on the table and it was a little taste of home!

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