Monday, August 29, 2016

Deja Vu!

This week has been CRAZY!!! Transfers took place and I am now in
Platte City serving with SISTER DAY!!! I am reunited with my baby!!!
And now we are serving as sister training leaders together! It is so
much fun and I already love Platte City so much! It is BEAUTIFUL and
the people are so awesome! And I'm serving in the Liberty YSA, so I'm
in a YSA again! I'm so excited and I know so many great things are
going to happen this transfer! But, it's been forever since I've
emailed so I have a lot to tell you!

Last week in Independence:
A couple of weeks ago, Brother Lopez, our ward mission leader, gave us
an Applebee's gift card, so on pday (a week and a half ago) we didn't
have a dinner so we went to Applebee's! A guy who was working (who
wasn't even our waiter!) came up to us and recognized us as
missionaries. His name is Cameron and he told us his dad has been a
member for about 20 years and he just moved here two weeks ago and
wanted to know where the church was. So we gave him our number but
didn't get his information because we didn't want to get him in
trouble at work. So we were praying really hard that he would call us
back! And he did!!! So he came to church with us on Sunday and had an
amazing experience! Before sacrament meeting started he leaned over
and said his dad has been trying to get him to come to church for
years but he feels like now is the time. I was holding tears back! We
had the strong impression to take him to the visitors center after
church ended. So we walked up to the VC with Cameron and Brother Lopez
and we went through gods plan and it was AMAZING! Brother Lopez bore
really powerful testimony of eternal families and Cameron totally
opened up to us. He said when he first moved here he said that if he
didn't find a job he would join the church. And then he got pretty
emotional and said he didn't get a job for the first few days and he
broke his promise... Then he said he saw us sitting in Applebee's and
he knew that God was giving him a chance to keep that promise. I am
bawling at this point! He also said that one verse kept running
through his mind and it was "honor thy father and mother" and he felt
like this is how he can fulfill that commandment. The spirit was
tangible in that room. He said he wanted all of this and he already
knows the church is true. We invited him to be baptized and he said
yes!!!! He is on date for SEPTEMBER 10!!!! We went to the Christus and
Cameron offered one of the most sincere prayers I've ever heard. All
of this happened in 4 days! And his baptism date is 3 weeks away! The
sad part is that he is in the Raytown area so we referred him to the
elders there. But the story gets better! Elder Taylor (the elder in
Raytown) called us on Monday after he went over to visit Cameron and
told us his experience with this whole thing! He had been praying and
fasting for someone to baptize in Raytown and on Sunday, 10 seconds
after he ended his fast, he got the referral from us from Cameron! He
said he knew this was the answer to his prayers. This experience has
strengthened my testimony in so many ways... God is a God of miracles!
How on earth did we happen to be at Applebee's on a night where
someone who was prepared for the gospel was that same very night and
then he lives in the area of an elder who has been praying and fasting
for someone to teach? The only way it could be done is by Heavenly
Father! It also helps me know that the elect are out there for us to
find! Cameron truly is prepared for the gospel and I'm so excited for
him to be baptized! He has sent me emails and he can't wait to be
baptized either! Heavenly Father is too good!

We had a lesson with Darlene and she is doing well! She is taking
everything so well and I am so proud of her. She came to church again
even! She is really doing this for herself now which is awesome. She
told us that she really wants to be sealed to Mac! Im praying really
hard she continues to progress toward her baptism so they can be

We saw a ton of little miracles leading up to transfers so I'm so
excited for the sisters in 2nd ward to continue the work there. As
always, I was a little sad to be leaving Independence because I've
spent so much of my mission there! But I'm so excited for my new

First few days of Platte City:
It's still so crazy to be companions with Sister Day! Hence the title,
deja vu. But it's so much fun! She is an incredible missionary and I'm
so grateful that I get to be with her again! I haven't met a ton of
our people, but we did have a couple miracles happen!

We have an investigator named Lexi who has been learning about the
church for a while now. But she got a blessing right before I got here
to help her quit smoking and when we saw her on Friday we asked how
things are going and she said she didn't have a desire to smoke
anymore! She told us she was going to go to work and she was trying to
make herself want a cigarette because she always had one but she
couldn't do it. The power of the priesthood is so real!

Lexi also came to church and she brought one of her friends! Lexi
wants to get baptized but still has to figure a few things out still
but she is so awesome! The Bennett family also came to church! Keisha
was baptized last October and Jesse has been a member but not very
active for a while. They have an adorable 9 year old daughter named
Maddox who we are teaching! Jesse is working really hard right now so
we hope to have a baptism for Maddox in the next few weeks :)

Other than that, the members here are incredible! We live with our
ward mission leader and his family so that is way fun! Platte City is
full of nice people. When we go tracting even, we just met a bunch of
nice people! Part of Platte City is full of really nice homes that
makes me feel like I'm back in Eagle again and then the other part is
super rural. It's got a lot of hills, which makes for good running in
the morning :) I love it! I'm sorry this email is super long but it's
been forever since I've been able to send anything! I love you all and
have a wonderful wonderful week!

The famous Banks family :)

Last Mo-Spo in Independence!

All of my beautiful friends at the VC!  I was crying so much during this photo because I was one of two who left...

We are back together!

One of the amazing views of Platte City

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