Monday, August 22, 2016

Raytown Reunion

Hi my wonderful family and friends! Another week has come and gone!
Time just goes faster and faster... I wish it would slow down! This
week I was able to have some experiences that I will forever cherish
in my heart. I have come to realize how important and sacred personal
revelation is. I'm so grateful that I have been able to learn how to
receive personal revelation more clearly on my mission.

On Friday we had a zone conference and it was probably the most
revelatory meeting I've ever been in! I have truly learned that
personal revelation is direct messages given to us from our Heavenly
Father and He doesn't treat that lightly. I've also learned that faith
can't increase without revelation. One of the main focuses of the
meeting was the atonement of Jesus Christ...something that we talk so
much about, but we do so for a reason. The message that Christ came to
earth to establish His church and to die for us and that He rose on
the third day is the glorious message that we ALL get to share with
everyone around us. We talked about how we are the Atonement Delivery
System. And I have really pondered on that...that I am literally going
around as a representative of the Son of God and giving people all
they need to receive salvation. I am so grateful for my calling as a
full time missionary and that I get to share this joy with everyone
around me all day every day!

On a sadder note, Mac, Darlene's husband, passed away last week :( We
woke up to a call last week telling us and we were really nervous that
this would turn Darlene away from God... But Darlene is so awesome!
She told us she is not going to stop coming to church and that she
knows she is on the right path! Sometimes Heavenly Father works in
mysterious ways... She was even talking about how she knows Mac will
be excited when they get sealed in the temple!

Atasha is also doing awesome. She is reading the Book of Mormon now
too! We just gotta get her living the word of wisdom. She is on date
for September 30! She told us she really wants to change and she
doesn't have a lot of support from her family, which is sad. But the
ward has been really supportive of her. We found out that some members
had her over for dinner this week! That's the best news to a

Another miracle was on Monday we ate dinner with our elders quorum
president and his wife and he asked us to go see a less active brother
from the ward that neither of us had ever visited before. His name is
Brother Tuiono and we just stopped by and he lives in one of those
apartment buildings where you have to call them and they let you in.
So we called him and we said it was the sisters and he definitely
wasn't expecting us haha! But we talked in the lobby for a bit and
then we watched a Mormon message about Jesus Christ and talked about
the sacrament. Three years ago his wife left him and he said he has
been pretty angry with God. We invited him to come to church and he
said maybe one day... Then we really testified of the sacrament and
how much leave he will find there and these feelings will leave him.
He started crying and said "I promise I will be at church on Sunday."
My testimony strengthened that our leaders truly hold priesthood keys
to receive revelation for those under their stewardship. President
Harris knew that Brother Tuiono needed a visit and we are so grateful
we were able to see him and have that experience!

when I was in Raytown with Sister Wilkey and she got baptized on
Saturday! It was so awesome to see her and Brother Jordan in the font
together. I just pictured the day in a year when they will go to the
temple with their baby girl, Olivia. I love being a missionary so

Transfers are next week!!!! So if I stay here you'll hear from me next
Thursday, if I leave, I have no idea when I'll email next! Love you!!!

Jessica's baptism!!!  It was a mini Raytown reunion with all these wonderful sisters who taught Jessica!

Some sisters at zone conference by the Kansas City temple!

Me and my beautiful companion!

The tapestry!!!  Pointing to my name :)

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