Monday, May 2, 2016

Thunderstorms & Baptisms

Aloha friends and family! This week we had some amazing
thunderstorms!! The Midwest has the best storms ever! And thankfully
we had a car, so we didn't have to be on bikes through it all! I'm so
excited for the storm season!

This week was a major roller coaster! The highlight of the week,
though, was Jacob's baptism! It started off rocky, like most baptism
days do, but in the end, he was baptized and he was so happy! I'll
never forget his huge smile on his face when we came out of the water!
He is going to be the light to his family, I just know it. He is such
a special kid and it's people like him who make this all worth it!

We had an AMAZING lesson with this girl named Athena. She is 22 and
has two kids and we brought a young sister, Sister Peterson, from the
ward to teach with us. Sister Peterson was AMAZING. She basically
taught the lesson and answered Athena's questions. And she answered
them way better than I would have! Athena really opened up to us and
cried and told us she hasn't ever felt like this before. We testified
that she was feeling the spirit and she could feel like that all the
time. She said she would be baptized once she knew this was true!
Sister Peterson then invited Athena to dinner when she feeds us! Best
member present ever!! Members are the best!

Our bishop is amazing and he went through the whole ward roster and he
sorted everyone into lists based on what their next priesthood
ordinance needs to be. He gave us the lists for sacrament and baptism,
so we have been visiting a lot of those families. It has been cool to
enter into people's homes and help them feel the spirit. There is one
family in particular, the Lugo family, who we are going back to see
again this week who I feel is a family we can help a lot. Being a
missionary is the best. One of the families that we met moved here
from EAGLE, IDAHO! They were in the 7th ward!!! Their last name is
Watts, so if any of you know the Watts, they're in my ward here! It's
such a small world!

Courtnie is still working on the word of wisdom. I have no doubt that
she will be able to overcome it. We helped her move- her family is
moving in with her mother and brother in law. I am grateful for any
opportunity we have to do service and help, especially because I have
grown such a deep love for these people. Courtnie is doing so well
with her scripture reading and praying. We just need to get her to
church and to continue to quit smoking. She will forever be a special
part of my mission.

I am loving being companions with Sister Santiago! We have so much fun
together and we get a lot of work done. It's cool because we have
similar goals and we have been trying to help each other recognize
promptings of the spirit more. It's been a roller coaster week, like I
said, but this is when I know companionships are inspired. Heavenly
Father knows what we need and when we need it and I am so grateful for

Hope you all have a wonderful week! Happy Mother's Day!! Love you!
Yay for district pics!

Our Jacob boy!!!  Baptism day!

This is the "Jacob" face, haha!

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