Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Lactose intolerant

Happy Monday! It was a really interesting week this past week. I got
super sick (again) and have come to the conclusion that not only am I
gluten intolerant, but also lactose intolerant! I absolutely hate
staying in when I am sick so I am excited that I know what it is so I
can avoid it and be healthy and go out!

We got to see a lot of less active people in our area, which was super
awesome. Our bishop gave us a long list of people to see and we saw a
good amount of them and I love being in these members homes. I love
hearing everyone's stories and how they came to know the gospel is
true. I learn so much from everyone I come in contact with...I have
been thinking about this a lot lately. About how my mission is exactly
for me and every experience I have helps me become the person I am
supposed to become.

We got to meet with Courtnie again and she is starting to be more
committed! She needs lots of prayers, though. But at the end of our
lesson with her, she brought out all of her coupons for cigarettes and
asked us to rip them all up! That was super awesome and she was so
happy! She also told us she promised Heavenly Father that she would
read the Book of Mormon every night. She has been happier since she
started doing that. I know it's because the Book of Mormon has the
power to bring the spirit into our lives and as we read it daily, we
feel the spirit more and more.

Missionary life is always a roller coaster but I am so grateful for
every experience- the good and the bad. We have been struggling with
finding in our area, but it is helping me learn patience and diligence
and I know that the Lord is going to bless us! I love serving with
Sister Santiago. I am so blessed to be where I am right now. I know
Heavenly Father is so very aware of each of us individually. I don't
really understand how it works, but I know that it is true. I was
reminded of this when I got a blessing while I was sick. He loves us
and will never leave us.


Love being companions with Sister Santiago!

Exchanges with Sister Baggett!

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