Monday, May 16, 2016


WHERE IS THE TIME GOING?! I hit ELEVEN MONTHS this past week! I feel
like time is just going faster and faster and I am realizing 7 months
is NOTHING! I'm so grateful I have this short time to serve my
Heavenly Father. And really, this whole experience is changing me into
the person I was meant to be and I'm eternally grateful for that!

This week was full of stress, but it was so good! Nathalie Barton got
baptized on Saturday! We had to finish all the lessons with her this
week and Heavenly Father made everything work out. She was so happy
and it was cool to see Brother Barton baptize her! It is so cool to
see families change. Makes everything all worth it :)

I've been thinking about Alma 26 a lot throughout this week.
Especially verse 27, when the Lord says to be patient and success will
come. I have come to know that this is true! Heavenly Father tests our
patience and when we endure, he comes through and blesses us.
Throughout my mission, I have learned how to rely on Him and learn to
do His will. I am so grateful for the joy that comes as I am in His
service and in the service of those around me!

We had the awesome opportunity to go to Independence on Thursday and
Friday for a visitors center training. Brother Bracken Hodges from the
missionary department flew out from salt lake to train us. I felt so
special because I'm not even a visitor center called sister but I got
to attend! It was amazing and I learned so much. I forgot how much I
missed the visitors center though! But what we learned can be applied
to missionary work anywhere. Something he kept talking about is every
single person that walks in the visitors center (or that we see in our
area) is a child of God and He sees them as someone capable of earning
eternal life. I am trying to remember that always and it has changed
how I see people. That I am here to help people receive the gift of
eternal life.

Anyway, this week was pretty good and I am excited for another week of
miracles! I am loving every second here and am grateful for all that I
am learning. Love you all!

Nathalie Baptism- May 14, 2016

The Barton family

Sister Santiago

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