Monday, April 4, 2016


Hi!! I hope everyone had an incredible general conference weekend!
General conference is always my favorite weekend of the year!! The
talks were all so amazing and I learned so much! My favorites were
President Eyring and Elder Holland. President Eyring set off the
conference by testifying that the spirit would be able to answer any
questions that we had and that those addressing us are inspired. I had
a list of questions that I wanted answered (I have never come to
conference with questions before) and I felt the spirit testify to me
that they really would be answered. They ALL were. And then Elder
Holland wrapped up by testifying that as we apply the things we
learned, we will be able to improve, but we wont be perfect. Our
improvement is little by little and I needed that because I expect
myself to be perfect. But it helped me feel loved individually when he
stood at the pulpit and testified of their love for us as well as
Heavenly Father's love. I also loved that the Saturday morning session
ended with Come Thou Fount! It was an incredible, spiritual
experience. And hearing our prophet stand and boldly proclaim his
testimony is always a strength I need. I know he is a prophet of God
and that he is the Lord's mouthpiece.

This week was so good! We got 5 new investigators! It was a good
finding week for sure. And we did it without a car! A funny experience
on our bikes though...we were riding and I got a total flat tire so we
got stranded for a few hours. But we got a new investigator out of

One day, we were going through our area book and I felt really
prompted to text this former investigator named Kanivi. So we did and
he told us he wanted us to come over. We went over last night and we
were planning on just getting to know him and sharing a message on the
Book of Mormon, but we ended up putting him on date for May 7!!! Super
exciting! The spirit is so so so awesome and I'm glad I followed that

We went on splits this week and I visited Laura and Tyler, who are
also former investigators. I went with a girl from the YSA named
Aubrey and we had a good lesson. Laura struggles with the godhead and
we are starting from square one and focusing on who God is and who
Jesus Christ is. We are all studying the talk 'the only true God and
Jesus Christ whom he hath sent' by elder holland. Such a good talk, if
you haven't read it!

We saw Sam and he is so happy! He said ever since he got the gift of
the Holy Ghost he has been happier and less stressed. His mom wasn't
at the lesson but we had a good lesson with Sam. He is so so awesome!

We met with Jennifer and she is struggling. She wants the gospel, but
she isn't getting much support which is hard for her. She wants to be
supported which totally makes sense. We watched one of the sessions of
conference with her and that was super good! We are just praying that
everything will start working together for the better.

We had a lesson with Jacob and it was CRAZY! He is the funniest 9 year
old that I've ever met. Unfortunately, he won't be able to be baptized
on the 16th because he hasn't attended church yet, but we know he will
be baptized! We just have to get his family to church!

I'm so grateful for a living prophet who guides us exactly how the
Lord would have him. I know he is inspired with what we need at this
time. I'm grateful for his counsel to Choose Christ. I know choosing
Christ isn't always easy, but it truly brings the most happiness. I
know Jesus Christ stands at the head of this church and that He is our
advocate with the Father. For that, I'm eternally grateful. I love Him
and I love you all!


Jacob :)

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