Monday, March 28, 2016


Happy Monday friends and family! I hope everyone had a wonderful
Easter! I got something new this Easter....we had a WHITE Easter!
That's right, it SNOWED. Kansas has the most insane weather ever!

The highlight of the week: SAM GOT BAPTIZED!! His whole family came
and supported him and the spirit was way super strong! Sam's mom was
crying! Haha, something always happens though...the water overflowed
when Sam was baptized... Good memories I guess :) sam's mom is now a
new investigator and is going to sit in on the lessons!

Sam is baptized!!!

I went on exchanges to the Olathe 1st ward with Sister Baggett! It was
a lot of fun! That area is a Spanish area so I got to hear lots and
lots of Spanish. It was so cool and I really want to learn Spanish
now. I also got to help teach an English class which was super super
fun! I learned some Spanish there as well! I'm praying I serve there
one day!
Teaching English!

Exchanges with Sister Baggett!!!!

 On Tuesday, Sister Fuhriman was pretty sick, but we had a few lessons
planned and so I needed to find a sister to go on splits with me who
would be willing to come out all day. I was going through the phone
and one sisters name stuck out like a sore thumb. I called her and she
was more than willing to go. She was so awesome! And when we were
eating dinner I told her the spirit told me to ask her and she just
started crying and said that this was something that she needed. I am
so grateful that the spirit knows everything and can tell us things
that we couldn't know on our own. I know that part of the reason I
came on my mission was to learn how to communicate with the spirit.
I'm so grateful for this gift that is so important that I have been
able to develop as I have been serving!

At our district meeting this week, the zone leaders invited us to role
play with the hallelujah card and inviting people to sacrament meeting
and right after our meeting, we met a man named Damar who wanted to
come to church and loved the hallelujah video we showed him! He didn't
end up coming to church but I feel like this is something that he
needs right now! He said that the video made him feel like he needs to
be better. The spirit was telling him to act!

Saturday was the general women's broadcast and that was amazing!!!
Heavenly Father is so cool. I set a goal this week to look for more
service opportunities and then I went to the General Women's broadcast
and every single talk was about service! Heavenly Father was sending
me answers and giving me the tools I need to accomplish my goal. One
of my favorite things that was said was "reaching out matters to the
Lord". Even if it's the smallest thing, He notices and He appreciates
any act of service. And we are to serve and love only for the Lord's
approval, not for man's. I've really been striving to focus on that.

I am so excited for General conference this weekend! I always get so
excited to hear from our prophet and apostles. General conference
weekend is my FAVORITE! Another thing I've truly been learning on my
mission is that the most important prophet is the current one. He
tells us what Heavenly Father needs us to know NOW. And I know that as
we apply what we learn this weekend, we will be doing exactly what He
wants us to be doing. There is so much protection and peace in
following the prophet!

I love you all so very much and am so grateful for your prayers!

Happy Easter from us and Sister Foster!  :)

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