Monday, April 18, 2016

End of another transfer

Happy transfer week!!! That probably means nothing to y'all, but it's
my least favorite week ever. I always get super anxious and I can
never sleep! We find out tomorrow night what is happening :) we have
also begun crazy spring weather here! Storm season is coming soon!!!

This past week has been good! Sister Fuhriman has been asked to do a
special art project for President and Sister Vest, so we have been
busy doing that. It is so cool though!! She is a professional artist
and it's cool to see her use her talent.

Because of the project we have been doing a lot of splits, which is
super fun! I love getting to spend more time with the members and
getting to know them better. I highly encourage you all to take the
time to do splits with the missionaries!

I met a girl named Maria who was taught by elders about a year ago!
She said all of her siblings are members, so I'm just sitting here
like, WHY AREN'T YOU?! We are hopefully going to help her move toward

Kangnivi is doing good! We learned the real spelling of his name,
haha. He is reading the Book of Mormon super diligently and he doesn't
ever have any questions about anything. I love prepared people!

Jacob has come to church the past two weeks! So that has been super
super exciting. He is the cutest kid ever. He always puts a smile on
our faces! We taught him tithing and fasting this week and he always
is so happy to do anything to be like Jesus Christ. Children amaze me!

We finally saw the Barton's again this week! We really focused on the
Book of Mormon with them. I have gained such a strong testimony that
the Book of Mormon is key. I can tell when my investigators (or really
anyone) isn't reading everyday. It's the key to our progression! The
Book of Mormon is so vital because it teaches the doctrine of Christ
and how we can apply the atonement.

Love you all!!!

A most splendid and awkward district picture

Sister Fuhriman and I got our nails done for the last P-day of the transfer!  #neutralcolors #missionaryrules

I found a 1A license plate-felt like home!

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