Monday, March 7, 2016

Transfer #7!

Another transfer has come and gone! Sister Fuhriman and I are staying
together! We got taken out of the YSA, though :( but it's going to be
a good transfer! It's also a 7 week long transfer which means one
extra week! And exciting news, we now have bikes!!! I'm so excited!

This week was way good, there is always so much going on that its hard
to remember! On Friday we took the Mojica's to the Liberty jail! That
was so much fun! And I got to see Sister Christiansen there too so
that made me happy! Leia is so amazing and she bore her testimony last
night at the president's devotional and it was so good! I am so
grateful we found her!

On Saturday we took Jennifer to the visitors center with Sister Bird!
She loves the idea of eternal families which is so awesome! She came
to church too and she loved it!

Courtnie got her phone shut off so we haven't heard from her, so we
didn't expect her to come to church. But she showed up!!! She found a
member of our ward on Facebook and asked them for a ride! That is huge
for Courtnie because she actually made an effort to come to church! We
also learned that we have been spelling her name wrong the whole

On Saturday, the stake had a mini MTC for the laurels and priests of
the ward and we got to train at it and it was so cool! It was awesome
being with the youth and hearing their testimonies and seeing them
prepare for a mission.

I'm so sorry this email is so short, I really don't know what else to
talk about.... But I am so happy to be here and I am loving everything
I'm doing! Love you all!

Singing at the Rose Estates!

At the Visitor Center with Jennifer and the Bird's!

At Liberty Jail!

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