Monday, March 21, 2016

Happy Easter!

Hi everyone!!! Happy spring! I don't know how it is back home, but
it's been warming up and the flowers are starting to bloom! I love
spring and the new, beautiful start that we have after the dreary
winter :)

I also love spring because we get to celebrate Easter! And celebrate
new life! The church released the new Easter video last week called
Hallelujah and it's wonderful! I hope you all have had the chance to
see it and to share it in your social media with all of your friends!
I love Easter and getting to truly reflect on what the resurrection
means for us...that we all will live again and so will our families.

Probably the best news that I got this week is that my brother got his
mission call!! Tanner is going to the Italy Milan mission! I got the
video of him opening his mission call and I felt the spirit so
strongly and I cried like a little baby! I am so excited for him and I
know he is going to be the greatest missionary in the whole world! I
am a very proud big sister :)

This week was much better than last week, we were actually able to
leave the apartment! It was kind of sad because most people cancelled
their appointments, but hey, that's the story of missionary work!
People use their agency and at times it's frustrating but then I
remind myself how great of a blessing it is that we have agency.

We saw the Foster's a few times and they are so amazing! They are
moving to Utah soon and I'm so sad they're leaving us. Miracle of the
week- we ate dinner with the Foster's and when we pulled up, two of
their neighbors were outside and they called us over to talk to them!
Their names are Janie and Pam. They both have Book of Mormons and we
talked to them about it for a while and they were so nice! It was way
cool and we have a return appointment with them!

We saw Sam again and he is so awesome! He is so ready for his baptism
this Saturday! He is so excited! We taught him the commandments and he
said he already lives all of them so that was way cool. He is just so

We found a guy named J.P. this week who has talked to elders before
and said he read the whole Book of Mormon in two weeks! We have
another appointment with him coming up soon too. Heavenly Father is
blessing us a lot right now. It's really cool!

One of the best moments of my week was that I finished the Book of
Mormon again! It was super awesome. I took Moroni's promise and knelt
and prayed and the spirit confirmed to me yet again that the Book of
Mormon is the word of God. And the power in that book is incredible-
life changing. I have truly been changed because of the doctrine of
Christ, which is found in the Book of Mormon.

Have a fabulous week and happy Easter everyone!!!

Saw the sign but of course we knocked anyway!  :)

Some of my zone on P-day!

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