Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Apostle # 12!

This week was interesting for sure, but I had some amazing
experiences! First of all, I hit my NINE MONTH MARK!!! Half way!!! I
honestly can't believe it's been 9 months since I went into the MTC. I
think back to that day and realize how much I have grown. The doctrine
of Christ has been engraved on my heart and has helped transform me
into the person I am now. And I still have 9 more months to go!!

Sister Fuhriman and I were both sick this week, so we didn't really
get out to our area which was pretty sad. But we needed to take the
time to rest and heal so we can be fully healthy to serve the lord!

We did have some amazing experiences, though. On Tuesday we had
interviews with President and Sister Vest, which is always awesome!
President was able to make some really powerful promises to me and he
was able to help me understand my purpose even more. I have a
testimony of priesthood keys and that those who hold priesthood keys
are able to receive revelation and they guide in the direction of
Heavenly Father. Sister Vest is always a pleasure to talk to :)

After interviews, Sister Fuhriman and I received our transfer
blessings which is always incredible! I love the priesthood so much
and I am so grateful for worthy priesthood holders. Elder Torrico was
able to give me one of the most powerful blessings I have received.
One thing that he said is "we bless you to become the missionary that
you desire to be." I feel with it being my half way mark this week,
that Heavenly Father has things in store for me to really grow this
transfer. I have a feeling this transfer is going to be a good one :)

Friday we had zone training! I love zone training so much, I always
receive answers to my prayers! Elder Torrico and Elder Greenburg are
amazing zone leaders and they follow the spirit so well. They always
testify of our zone and it helps our zone be unified. It's so awesome!
I love the Lenexa zone! :)
Zone training on Friday, March 11

SATURDAY WAS LIFE CHANGING. We had an all mission conference with
Elder Donald Deschler, Elder Wilfred Anderson, and ELDER GALE
meeting was so powerful! He walked in the chapel and the mood
completely changed. The first thing he said when he walked in was that
he wanted to shake everyone's hand. So we all lined up and we got to
shake hands with him and introduce ourselves. I was the very last
person to shake his hand, and he said that this is a 10 second
interview that he gets to have with us. It was so cool!

Elder Deschler talked about how special our calling is and how
important the members are in the work. He talked about how all of the
members need to have the missionaries in their home for dinner, so I
invite all of you to do that!!! :) that's coming from a member of the
quorum of the seventy, not from me :)

Elder Anderson talked about the difference between head knowledge and
heart knowledge and soul knowledge. And how we need to know doctrine,
but once we have heart knowledge, we have a spiritual confirmation
that it is true. And then once we have soul knowledge we act on that
and change to be more like Jesus Christ.

Elder Stevenson talked about eternal marriage.... It was really cool
to hear his testimony of it though. He really made it known that
celestial marriage is the most important thing we can do once we go
home. Kinda weird to talk about, but it was really cool. And then he
bore a powerful testimony of the savior and the work that we are doing
as missionaries. It was so cool and my testimony strengthened that the
Lord calls people to do His work.
Sisters at the All-Mission conference

Well I hope you all have a wonderful week! :)

ALDO'S PIC!  Sister Foster gave me a pair of her Aldo's so I had to snap a pic!

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