Monday, February 29, 2016

Baptism times TWO!!!!

Happy leap day!!! February 29, what a wonderful day! But I can't
believe it's almost March! Where has February gone? Time flies as a
missionary! This week has been so awesome, we had two baptisms!!! And
we had many miracles.

Saturday was the baptism! Leia and Cassandra were so excited and the
baptism was beautiful! Leia's dad baptized her and Cassandra and it
was super emotional. Leia's sister and brother in law gave the talks
and I could feel the spirit of this family so strong. Leia told me
that I have permission to live with them after my mission, so that's
exciting :) but Leia and Cassandra both were glowing. I am so happy
for them!

We had an AWESOME lesson with Jennifer! We taught the gospel of Jesus
Christ and the spirit was super strong, and we invited her to be
baptized on April 9 and she said yes! The coolest thing is that
Jennifer was a member referral. Sister Bird came with us and she was
totally crying when Jennifer said she would be baptized! This ward is
amazing with member missionary work. Over half of our investigators
were introduced to us by members and they're so much more solid when
it's like that! This is how missionary work is most effective! We are
going to the visitors center with Jennifer this week :)

We had a lesson with Sam again and he made it to church! It was so
cute, Sam sat down by us at church and the first thing he said was,
"you will get to meet my mom at my baptism because she got that day
off work!" He is so excited to get baptized! We have been blessed with
finding the elect!

Courtney called us Saturday night and she said she went all day
without a cigarette!!! That is such a big deal! We were so happy when
we got that phone call! We haven't heard from her since, so we hope
she is still doing well, but I am so amazed at the power of the

The atonement has the power to literally change people. Daniel, from
the YSA ward, gave a talk yesterday and when he was standing at the
pulpit I couldn't help but cry because of the change I have seen in
him in the last 6 weeks. He has become a worthy priesthood holder and
is receiving a calling here soon. He has an understanding of Heavenly
Father's love and plan for us. I have seen the atonement give him
strength to overcome his weaknesses and make them strengths. I know
the atonement offers us all this same power as we utilize this gift in
our life.

I'm sorry I always talk about the Book of Mormon, but it is
incredible! This week I finished Alma and Helaman!!! And I'm almost
done with 3 Nephi! The more I read, the more I feel the spirit, the
more I want the spirit with me, the more I try to keep the
commandments. It's like a cycle. I know that the Book of Mormon is the
word of God and offers us comfort and solace. My favorite Mormon
message is the testimony of the Book of Mormon by elder holland. The
Book of Mormon really is safety for the soul. I have seen that in my
life these past 6 weeks. The Book of Mormon is so vital to read EVERY
DAY. I was horrible at it before my mission, but I am grateful that I
have learned the power that the Book of Mormon contains. Because it is
life changing.

Have a wonderful week! I love you all so much! Here's to another transfer! :)

Leia and Cassandra's baptism!!!

Leia said she wanted a picture with her sisters, but said we had to be in the picture because we are her sisters too...Too cute!

Our "baptism face" selfie!

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