Monday, December 28, 2015

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas full of laughter, love, and
the spirit of this season- Jesus Christ! We didn't have a white
Christmas, but we woke up to snow today!!

Being a missionary on Christmas is probably the greatest thing ever. I
felt such a sense of reverence because I am a representative of Him
whose birth we celebrate. There isn't a greater calling than that!
Christmas morning we opened presents and I got so many wonderful
missionary gifts from my family! And then we had a huge breakfast at
the visitors center with all the senior couples and VC/Jail sisters.
We played some games and then we watched Sister Burton's talk from the
Christmas devotional. Wow, how grateful I am for the plan and that
Jesus Christ came to this earth to do the will of His Father, because
without that, the plan would be ruined. Then all of the sisters acted
out the nativity and that was one of the most powerful moments I've
had on my mission so far. All of us set apart servants of the Lord
gathered together to act out the humble events that led up to the
birth of our Savior. We all sang Away In A Manger and Silent Night and
I couldn't help but cry (surprising right?) it was so special.

Then I got to Skype the family!!!! What a treat that was! It was
seriously the greatest Christmas gift I could have! I got to bear my
testimony to them and we got to share special experiences together. It
was definitely a moment to remember :)

That night the elders and us went caroling! The highlight of the night
was caroling to Austin! He was over at his aunt's and we sang to the
whole family! It was so awesome and Austin was so happy! Michelle (his
aunt) was so sweet to us! They bought us Christmas presents! It was
the cherry on top of the day!

Speaking of Austin he is incredible. He is now giving Book of Mormons
to his co workers and he can't wait to be baptized! We took him to a
baptism and he got so excited! He is also so awesome that today he
took all of us missionaries on a personal tour of the arrowhead
stadium!! He works security for he Chiefs! He is the best and everyone
loves him! He is incredible and it's incredible to watch him progress.
I can't believe we first met him three weeks ago! Also, just to show
how awesome he is, he went out with the elders to do service for a
less active woman in our ward. GOLDEN!!!

We are still praying a lot for Amanda. She loves church so much and
it's so sad that she has this trial before getting baptized. But we
have faith that everything will work out! She has warmed up to us so
much and we love watching her grow.

There isn't much time for today so sorry this is short but I hope you
all had a wonderful Christmas and have a happy new year! Love you

Sister Moss

This is Kim...her father-in-law is in our bishopric here!  I worked with Kim at the BYU ticket office before my mission!

Pictures of Arrowhead Stadium (home of the Chiefs) with Austin!  We went through the whole stadium!

Two of the best things...cheerleading and football!

Who else gets to spend a P-day touring an NFL stadium?

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