Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Long time no talk!

Hello friends and family! I hope you all are enjoying this Christmas
season! Especially the new A Savior is Born video! I invite you to
watch it if you haven't seen it! Actually, even if you have seen it,
go watch it again! :) it's so awesome and the spirit is so strong
because of how pure the children's testimonies are!

Not much has happened since Thursday. But we had a ward Christmas
party on Saturday and that was super super fun! I love the Raytown
ward! There was a talent show and our buddy Patrick sang and it was
the cutest thing in the whole world! I'll attach a little video :)

Also, Austin texted us and said that he has a testimony of the Book of
Mormon and Joseph Smith!!! He is seriously THE BEST!!! We literally
found him wrapped up with a bow on top and a tag saying Baptize Me!!!

It's been a change with all the new sisters here at the visitors
center, but I love all the sisters so much! The visitors center has
such a special spirit! I love serving here!!! Love you all so much!

Sister Moss

#ASaviorIsBorn so I can spend 18 months helping others find hope, peace and joy!

Being silly with Sister Wilkey :)

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