Thursday, December 10, 2015

6 Month Anniversary! is SIX MONTHS! I can hardly believe it. Six months ago
today I was entering the MTC. I am so grateful for how much I have
changed these past six months and I can't wait to see where I'll be a
year from now! This week was also transfers and I am staying in
Raytown with Sister Wilkey! We are the only companionship out of the
visitors center and Liberty jail who didnt change! We are so excited
for this transfer!

This week was full of happiness! That's what the Lord's work is-
happiness! We finally had our first lesson with Austin and he is so
awesome! We watched Meet the Mormons with him and answered some
questions. He is so prepared! We literally found him wrapped up with a
bow on top saying "baptize me!" He set a baptismal date for January
9!! :) the Lord really prepared people and as long as we are working
hard we can find them.

We met with Amanda again too! She is so cute. We watched Meet the
Mormons with her too and she said "I can be one of them!" She's so
darn sweet and so excited to be baptized! We found out her dad is kind
of against his kids joining the church so we are praying for his heart
to be softened so she can be baptized.

The other day we went over to Patrick's and we had quite the
adventure. It was a beautiful day outside and so we took him on a
walk...then his wheelchair broke! It was so sad and so scary! I didn't
want to hurt him at all and so I was so worried. We got it figured out
and thank goodness that there were some people around to help us!
Patrick is so awesome and he is the definition of hope! I am always so
happy when I am with him!

Tuesday was probably the best day on my mission so far! We got to go
with the 1st ward sisters to go with Dennis to the temple!!! I had the
privilege to be baptized for Dennis' wife, Pamela. The spirit was so
so so strong. Dennis was baptized for his father and Sister Day was
baptized for his mother. We were all crying, including him. We know
they for sure accepted it. Looking at Dennis in the temple was
incredible because I know that the Atonement has changed him. The
temple is what this work is all about!!! We were leaving and Dennis
started crying and said that he didn't want to leave...I am so
grateful for the spirit there and that I got to have that experience
with him.

Monday night, I took a group through the visitors center and it was
two members and two non members. One of the non members just started
meeting with missionaries and he brought his aunt to the visitors
center with them. I took them through God's Plan for His Family and at
the end Veronica (the non member aunt) expressed interest in meeting
with the missionaries. So I got her information and told her I would
send the missionaries to her! It was so awesome! THEN! The next day I
typed her address in to see what ward she is in to send her
missionaries AND SHE IS IN OUR WARD! So we went and saw her and we are
now working with her towards baptism!! We have seen so many blessings
and I know it's because we are working hard and trying to be exactly

Sister Moss

At the Kansas City temple with Dennis!

Love my Sister Wilkey

So there is a nickname for the sisters I came out with that serve at the Visitor's Center and Liberty Jail.  They call us "THE TEN".  We all  have been here for 6 months and they finally split us up!  But we had to get a picture of all of us.  These are lifelong friends!

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