Sunday, November 29, 2015

Happy Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy thanksgiving to everyone! I am so grateful to have such
wonderful people in my life. I'm also so grateful to be on a mission
right now. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else but right here!! I am
grateful for the Spirit that I get to feel and the amazing things that
I get to see happen through the Atonement. I'm also so grateful for
our Savior and all that He offers us.

I am also grateful that Missouri actually has a fall!!! It's been fall
weather all up until now!! Especially the past few days-they were
BEAUTIFUL! Today is really rainy, but the fall here is something that
Idaho and Utah both miss out on for sure.

We have seen some ups and downs in our areas lately...last week every
single appointment but one cancelled on us. Satan is really trying to
get people away from the missionaries so they don't feel the spirit.
But this week has been going a lot better!

We have been teaching Amanda and she chose a baptism date!! She chose
December 26 and we were shocked and said 'the day after Christmas?'
And she replied 'that way I will always remember my baptism day!' It
was probably the cutest thing ever! We are so excited for her and I
know that she is going to see so many blessings in her life!

We got some awesome texts from Rodrigo this week, too! We haven't been
able to see him because he has been so busy with work, but he texted
us and he said that he was going to try to read a verse from the Book
of Mormon a day! This is a miracle because when we first met him, he
claimed he was agnostic....the Lord prepares people!!

We met with Doris, who is a recent convert, and probably the sweetest
person I have ever met in my whole life. She fell back into her word
of wisdom problems when she got really stressed with some stuff and
she is trying to overcome it. When we visited with her, she realized
that she hadn't smoked in 2 weeks!!!! Which is so good!! She is
getting in touch with Bishop so that she can get a temple recommend!
She's amazing and she is going through a lot so to watch her work so
hard on this is even more amazing.

Monday was probably the best day ever because while we were on shift
we got to put up the Christmas decorations in the visitors center!! It
was so much fun and the visitors center is so beautiful! Christmas is

Last week one of the senior couples went home, and I was really close
to them so that was sad. They are so awesome and I am so grateful for
all of the senior couples here that we get to learn from! The new
senior couple arrived this past week and I am so excited to get to
know them! Senior missionaries have such an impact on people and I am
so grateful I get to associate with them everyday!

bringing their investigators - Michael and Anthony Doss - into the
visitors center and I called dibs to take the presentation :) Michael
was found while I was with Sister Christiansen, but I had yet to meet
him! But I TOTALLY judged them when they walked into the VC...Michael
had gold rims, gold bracelets, gold rings.... I admit, I definitely
judged these two people and the spirit was not with me at the
beginning of the presentation. But as soon as those two spoke, I
realized how AMAZING they are and the spirit overwhelmed me! They were
raised RLDS but they say they know this church is true. Anthony
recently got out of jail and he said "when I walked through the door,
I felt all of the evil leave me. I feel like I am in the presence of
God."!!!! Testimony of the visitors center!!! They were talking about
their past and how they both really really want to change. I felt the
spirit so strongly and I shared a scripture and Mikey started tearing
up. I could feel of their desire that they want to join the church so
badly. I am so grateful I got to meet them and they are some of my
favorite people now!!! My lesson was learned...we ALL are Heavenly
Father's children. We ALL are loved equally by Him.

I love being a missionary! I find more and more joy in it everyday!

Brother and Sister Fullmer-the senior couple that just went home

Christmas is coming!

Crazy missionaries!

Got the Christmas advent that my mom made me!

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