Thursday, November 19, 2015

Baby Shower = Succes

Another week has come and gone! That's so crazy! First of all, the BYU
weekend was crazy! On Saturday, we made a record and had 1,352 people
come into the visitors center! It was so crazy! And everyone around me
was wearing byu shirts... Talk about being trunky.

Our baby shower went so well on Saturday!!! We had a few sisters from
the ward show up and Jessica loved it! She made some friends and she
told us that she really felt welcomed into the ward now! She also
attended church on Sunday! And it was so awesome because Brother
Jordan, her husband, got a calling! So he is a returning member! These
two people are so awesome and I love them both so much. Jessica is
praying about a baptism date for December 5! Prayers that she will be
solid for this date!

We also got a solid referral from our elders! A guy in our ward has a
sister who isn't baptized but she goes to church every single week! So
we started teaching her and she really wants to be baptized! Her name
is Amanda and she is 13. She has such a strong testimony and is so
ready to become a member!

I keep forgetting to tell y'all about Patrick! Patrick is the coolest
guy in the whole world. He is an old black man and he is the funniest
person I have ever met! He has MS and a couple weeks ago, his electric
wheelchair broke so us and the elders were going over to feed him and
stuff. He got a new wheelchair, but he is so lonely so we keep going
back to visit with him and bring him church movies to watch :) he was
baptized last summer and he loves the missionaries!

We have been trying to just find lots of new people and contacting a
bunch of referrals and such. I have seen lots of miracles and we are
praying some of these people are being prepared! Sister Wilkey and I
are just trying to do our best and work our hardest out here!

I've been focusing a lot on the spirit in the work and I guess just
the spirit in general. I realized the amount of work it takes to be in
tune with the spirit but the amazing blessings that come from it. I
know I'm able to feel the spirit all the time here because I am
keeping the commandments and only watching and listening to things
that invite the spirit. My testimony has strengthened so much that I
never want it to leave. I know that I am going to need to make some
changes when I go back home because I want to always feel like this.
I'm grateful for this experience of a mission and that I am learning
so much about who I can become.

I am so grateful for Jesus Christ and that through Him I can do all
things. I am grateful that He continues to strengthen me even when I
make mistakes. He is my best friend! As I learn more of Him and try to
become more like Him, I am coming closer to my Father in Heaven.
Nothing is better than strengthening that relationship.

Thanks for all your prayers, love, and emails! Love you all!

Brother Jordan and Jessica at the baby shower

My good friend, Sister Baggett

The sisters I live with and I decided to try on ugly clothes from Zion (where sisters leave behind clothes they don't want anymore) and then had a photo shoot

My companion, Sister Wilkey and I

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