Thursday, November 12, 2015

Baptism dates and baby showers!

This week I hit 5 months!!! WHAT! Time flies, and I can't believe it.
These 5 months have been such a blessing to me and I've changed
already so much. I can't wait to see the change the next 13 months! I
know for sure that following the example of Jesus Christ brings the
ultimate happiness!

We saw so many miracles last week!!! I don't even know where to begin!
First I want to brag about my companion. Sister Wilkey is amazing! She
is so good at following the spirit. She's such a good example of being
in tune with the spirit. I love her! Her and I have so much fun
together and we work so well together.

So I think I talked a little bit about Jessica in my last email but I
don't remember. So Jessica is married to a member who hasn't been very
active. But he has been coming back to church and he is a getting a
calling!! At the beginning of this transfer, Sister Wilkey and I set a
goal to have one baptism this transfer. We have been praying for
Jessica and both of us felt good about December 5. So we are planning
on inviting her to be baptized on December 5 tonight! The only problem
Jessica has been having is she wants to feel more comfortable with the
ward. So we have been praying so hard for help on what to do to help
her. We got the GREATEST revelation to throw her a baby shower! She is
pregnant with her first kid and just found out that it is a girl! We
got in touch with the relief society president and we are throwing her
a baby shower on Saturday! It'll be so awesome and we know this is
what will help her. I have such a strong testimony that when you set
goals, Heavenly Father helps you reach them!

RODRIGO!! He is a new investigator and he is awesome! We have gone
back 3 times to see him! He claims himself as agnostic and we are
trying to help him recognize the spirit. When we saw him Tuesday, he
totally recognized the spirit!!! We told him that the spirit led us to
him and he was like "that's actually really cool....and when you
knocked I was sleeping and I was going to get so mad at whoever was
knocking on the door and then I calmed down right before I opened it,
and then I found you at the door." He is prepared and he doesn't even
realize it!

We finally met this referral of ours named Tanesha. Boy, I LOVE HER!
She has so much faith and she loves God. She told us that her and her
daughter have been looking for a "church home" because she doesn't
feel welcome anywhere else! She is also so prepared for this gospel.
She is going to go to the BYU devotional with us and she wants to
bring her daughter :)

We had stake conference this weekend and Elder Baxter from the seventh
was visiting! That was way neat. And the COOLEST thing happened...
crying when I heard his name! He is so awesome!!!

Anyway, missionary work is so awesome!! I love my companion, my ward,
my district, my zone...everything! And I love you all!!!

Sister Wilkey, my cute companion and I  :)

Waffle Wednesday at the Toronto's home

Sister Matagi showed up at the VC!!!  #MTCbuds

Gas is now under $2!!!!!

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