Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Transfer Week!

This week is transfers! I'm so nervous. I'll find out tomorrow where
I'll be. I'm praying for one more transfer in this area. I love it so
much where I am at! But I know the Lord is over the work and I'll go
wherever He needs me.

Before I go on with this past week, I forgot to announce something so
exciting that happened last Sunday! History was made and a new stake
was created....THE FAR WEST STAKE! This is the first time there has
been a Far West stake since the early saints lived there! The work
really is hastening!!!

This week was pretty rough. Most of our appointments fell through...
It's so hard to feel like a successful missionary when that happens.
But everyone has agency...

We did get to see our new investigator, Kevin! Honestly, the best
lesson I've had so far on my mission! It was so awesome and the spirit
was SO strong! He really opened up and shared a lot with us and we
showed him the Mormon message "the Savior wants to forgive" and he was
crying. It was so awesome. He is reading the Book of Mormon and
progressing really well. We love Kevin!

We also got to see Jill! We caught her at home and she told us she
really wants to be baptized!!! She is just struggling with the concept
of Joseph Smith. So we are hoping we will be able to work on that with
her and get her towards being baptized!!

Saturday we went to two baptisms which was way awesome as well! I love
seeing people enter the waters of baptism. It's a testimony to me that
the atonement is for EVERYONE!

Hope you're all doing well! Love you all!!

Sister Moss

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