Monday, October 5, 2015

Spiritually Fed

This week was AMAZING! I was able to be spiritually fed this whole
week. We had zone conference AND general conference! I was spoiled
with the spirit this week! I hope you all enjoyed conference! Can't
you just feel their spirit so strongly? Especially President
Monson...watching him bear that powerful testimony. It was a testimony
to me that he is a prophet called of God! And he will continue to do
His work until he has accomplished all that Heavenly Father wants him
to do.

A couple weeks ago, this girl came into the visitors center named
Kellie. Sister Day and I weren't at the VC at the time, but another
sister called us to tell us about her. Kellie just moved here to
Independence about a month ago from Blue Springs (a little town
outside of Independence). She is 23 but hasn't been to church since
she was 12. But she wants to come back into the church! So we went
over to her house and taught her and she is so sweet! And she is so
excited to come back to church! We love her and we can't wait to help
her come back!

We are also working with another less active member named Darwon. He
is the cutest man ever!! He is in his late 60s but has been inactive
since he was 19! He is just so sweet and interested and loves visiting
with the missionaries! He has a lot of health problems, so we found
him the Book of Mormon on cd so he can start listening to it.

On Friday, we had our zone conference! It was in Lenexa, Kansas! So
now I can say I have been to Kansas too! The zone conference was
amazing. The theme was based on 3 Nephi 5:13, becoming a consecrated
missionary. We had some amazing trainings. I am so grateful for my
mission president! And I love looking around and being surrounded by
so many missionaries all trying to be the best disciples of Christ we
can. It's so awesome! President Vest asked Elder Anderson and I to do
a musical number for it. I'll attach a little clip to the email of the
song :) it is such a pretty version of my favorite hymn! We performed
it and then at the end of the conference, President asked us to do it
as the closing hymn and have all the missionaries join on the last
verse. It was sooooo powerful. Why is music so amazing?!

And then General conference was so amazing! All of the talks were SO
GOOD! Usually, one stands out to me, but this time so many were so
good I can't choose! One talk that I really liked a lot was Elder
Lawrence. I find myself way to critical of my progress but I love when
he said "He rejoices every time we take a step forward. Our direction
is way more important to Him than our speed." So true!! As long as we
are trying, He is happy, and He will help us!

The weather here has changed to fall weather! YAY! I am so happy! Fall
is the best time of year and it is so beautiful here! All the trees
are changing colors and it is cool and crisp outside which is the
best! Perfect to start of birthday week!!!

Well I love you all so much and I hope you are all having a wonderful week!

Already feeling the birthday love from her Gram and Papa!

Have I told you we have the coolest mission president?!!!!

The Taula's-my adoptive grandparents!  I love them so much!  They are so full of love and help us so much!

Yay!!!  Fall weather-my favorite

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