Monday, October 19, 2015

So Blessed!

Hello everyone! This week was so amazing so I'll go ahead and get
started telling you about it!

On Thursday, we got the AMAZING opportunity to go to Adam-Ondi-Ahman!
Oh my goodness it is beautiful. Literally, it is nothing but fields
and trees, but the spirit there is SO real. It feels like a temple.
Actually, that's how they introduced us to the valley. They said "this
is an outside temple. Treat it as such." Thinking about all the stuff
that has happened there and all the things that will happen there gave
me chills. One day, when the big sacrament meeting happens there, I
want to be there! Brother Bonnett, the man who gave us our tour,
quoted something about the specialness of this place. The quote was
something along the lines of when people think about the Old
Testament, they usually think about Jerusalem and places like that,
but no one thinks of Missouri. But that's where Adam and Eve lived!
When they left Heavenly Father's presence, they went to
Adam-Ondi-Ahman. To be standing on that same ground was amazing! We
stood Preacher's Rock, where its speculated King Benjamin gave his
sermons as well as Joseph Smith. Brother Bonnett stood on the rock and
me and some other sisters walked a couple hundred yards away, and when
Brother Bonnett spoke, we heard him perfectly. It was incredible. All
the sisters stood on the rock and we sang our favorite song and it was
my favorite part of the whole day. The spirit was testifying to me of
the work I am doing and that it is His.

We had a couple of other neat experiences there, too. We went to
Spring Hill, where the temple site is dedicated there. We were the
first group to be let up on Spring Hill so that was a very special
moment. Then we went to Tower Hill, where a Nephitish altar was
found...chills all over! Adam-Ondi-Ahman is such a sacred place.

We also got to visit Far West as well. Far West has a dedicated temple
site and the missionaries who left from there are such good examples.
I'm so grateful I am serving in such a special place full of church
history! We got to drive to the location where Joseph Smith was
arrested and taken to Liberty Jail. I know that he is a prophet of God
and everything he did was for His work.

At our Friday Morning Training Meeting, we got to TALK TO SISTER
DALTON!!!! We are so spoiled here!!! It was just Sister Dalton and 28
of us sisters. It was the COOLEST thing ever. I've heard her talk in
conference plenty of times, but knowing she was talking just to us was
something so special. She talked a lot about being virtuous women. The
last thing she said to us was this: "Above everything else, remember
that one virtuous woman can change the world." We got to sing Be Still
My Soul for her and I was in tears the whole time (obviously).

After that, I went on exchanges to Kearney with Sister Pahuiri!
Kearney is BEAUTIFUL! It's a lot of farm land and big open lands. (Who
knew Missouri was pretty?!) Exchanges were way awesome and getting to
experience some full pros life was way fun. We did lots of service
which is always fun! Including decorating for a wedding :)

Saturday was the best day on my mission so far. We had a goal to get 2
new investigators during the week and we hadn't gotten any yet, so we
needed a miracle to happen. We decided we were going to talk to
everyone! We did and Heavenly Father blessed us so much! We got 2 new
investigators!!! Literally by talking to everyone. All of our
appointments fell through, except for one, so we were really just
trying to talk to people. When one of our appointments cancelled, the
spirit told me to go visit Dennis, which is really weird because we
never go see him because he is a single man. But I knew we needed to
go over so I told Sister Day and she was like let's go! So we went
over and he has a couple living with him now, so first miracle because
there was a girl there we could go in and sit down and talk with them.
We were talking to them all-the couples names are Kevin and Erin- and
they were talking about the change they have seen in Dennis and we
started talking with them about their lives. Kevin shared an
incredible experience he had that helped him gain his faith in God and
we gave him a Book of Mormon and he said he wants to learn more
because he can't just ignore this experience that he had. We were
definitely let to see him and meet him!

Alma 17: 9-11 says he will make us instruments in His hand as we are
patient in afflictions and work hard. Sister Day and I have been
trying so hard to find solid people and Kevin is one of the most
prepared people I have ever met. I can't wait to teach him!

I am so grateful for my mission and how much I've grown so far and how
much I will grow in the next 14 months. I love you all and hope you
have a wonderful week!

Sister Moss


Sister Day and I on top of Spring Hill

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