Monday, September 28, 2015

Becoming Uncommon

Hello friends and family! This week was such a good one and I can't
wait to tell you all about it!

Last Monday, when we were at pday sports, we got a phone call from a
lady in our ward telling us her daughter and grandson want to get
baptized! BEST PHONE CALL EVER! Miracles happen people, they really
do! We met them on Friday and we have a little work to do but it's
never a bad thing when you have new investigators who are on date!
There are people who are prepared for the gospel!

We are just super busy as always, trying to get people to come closer
to Jesus Christ. We are working with a lot of less actives right now!
It's so sad to see so many people who have the gospel in their life,
but not take part of the happiness it brings. We are working hard to
help them remember all of the great blessings that come from the

We got to watch the general women's broadcast which was such an
amazing opportunity! I loved the story that President Uchtdorf shared.
It helped me realize that I have to choose to have a good attitude!
Missionary life is HARD. We see a lot of heartbreaking things, but I
can choose to find the good in my life here. There are miracles every
single day and I just have to open my eyes to see them!

Last night we had a musical fireside and it was AWESOME. I love music!
An elder, elder Anderson, and I did a number called "I Will Serve Him"
(don't worry, I didn't sing, I just played lol, he did all the
singing) and I fell in love with the song!!! I hadn't ever heard it
but y'all should look it up and listen to it. The words are so
powerful! And then the last number we had all the missionaries sing
the efy medley and the spirit was very powerful. I KNOW all the
investigators there felt the spirit!

So, now the title of my email. At Friday morning training meeting,
elder Toronto (the torontos are the directors of the visitors center)
gave a training about becoming uncommon. This topic really caught my
interest. It is uncommon in the world to become like our Savior. Not a
lot of people live Christlike lives. I now have a goal to become
uncommon. 3 Nephi 27:27 "Therefore what manner of men ought ye to be?
Verily I say unto you, even as I am".

I'm so excited for general conference! It'll be a great weekend! There
is a talk that is just for you...pray and listen for it! And apply it
to become uncommon! Love you all!

Some of my favs getting frozen yogurt  :)

We taught the young women this week for mutual.  It was a great experience to bear my testimony of missionary work to these young women who are preparing to serve missions!

An example of a Samoan meal!  On the right is chop looks grow but is actually so good!!!  I love Polynesian food!

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