Monday, September 21, 2015

A MONDAY P-Day!!!!

Hello again! I feel it was just a couple days ago since I talked to
y'all! But here I am again! Third transfer out and I finally have
Monday p days! Yay!!! Since Thursday, not a whole lot has happened,

Thursday night we had dinner with a less active family and I couldn't
help but cry when we were there. The family has a hard time showing
how much they love each other. It made me realize how much I have
taken my family for granted and the love we share. Always remember to
show how much you love your family!!

We saw Jill again! We met with President Cato (he's our stake
president...basically the coolest guy around...he's former rlds...he's
the best) and talked a lot about the priesthood, the Book of Mormon,
and Joseph smith because she is having a hard time with those
concepts. President Cato was AWESOME at answering her questions and
helping her understand all about the restoration. We then watched the
Joseph Smith movie with her and she definitely felt the spirit. She is
still praying about everything and I love how serious she is taking
this decision. She really wants to know, her desire is amazing!

Deidrey who came into the VC a couple weeks ago emailed me on teaching
center!! She is going to start reading the Book of Mormon and she's
going to ask me questions she has! I was so happy to hear from her!
Teaching center is such a blessing.

Saturday was a really busy day. We saw so many people! One of the
people we saw was this lady named Elva. She is in her 60s and she is
all alone and hasn't been to church in a while. My heart broke when
she was talking about her family and the experiences she has gone
through. Our bishop came with us and gave her a blessing, which helped
her out a ton. She came to church but left before we could even talk
to her!

We saw Randy again, too! No new news on Randy, just keeping him
focused on October 10 and praying lots and lots for him.

I could have SCREAMED for joy when I saw Mary Palma walk into church
on Sunday!!! I was so happy to see her there! And she stayed for all
three hours too! AND had an interview with bishop! She is so serious
about turning her life around and getting a temple recommend that it
makes me want to be better!

Also, a member in our ward asked if we would meet their neighbors and
we got so excited!! We went over after church and we met the wife,
Teresa. She is such a sweet lady! We caught her right during dinner,
but we gave her a Book of Mormon and we are going back wednesday!! I
am so excited!

This morning, we finally went over to the Community of Christ temple
to have a tour through it! For those of you who don't know, Community
of Christ is the rlds church. They changed their name in 2001. Their
world headquarters are here in Independence. It is literally right
across the street from the visitors center. We look at it everyday and
are asked about it by everyone and even study about their beliefs, but
I had never been in it! So we finally went through it today! It was
very interesting. It's interesting to hear all the same background but
yet how different it is. I'm glad I went to see it and to learn more
about it.

Independence is a very special place. It needs a lot of work and that
is why I am here. I know the Lord has prepared people and we will find
them with faith! Thanks for all your emails and prayers. I love you
all and have a wonderful week!

Sister Day and Sister Moss with Mary Palma at church!
She wanted to take a selfie to document the moment.  :)

Inside the sanctuary at the Community of Christ temple

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