Thursday, September 10, 2015

3 Months?!!!!

Today is 3 months!!! And only 1 more month of being a teenager!! WHAT.
Time is weird. So so so so weird.

This morning we went to the temple with John!! It was SUCH a cool
experience! He had 21 names to do!! Sister Day and I had the awesome
opportunity to be baptized for his female ancestors. John told us he
definitely felt the spirit when he was being baptized for his
ancestors. The spirit of Elijah is incredible! Watching John grow more
and more in the gospel is such an amazing blessing. I truly have seen
such a change in him from when I met him! When we left he told the
temple worker "I'll definitely be back!" made my heart happy :)

Last Thursday we had an AMAZING lesson with Randy! We talked about
recognizing the spirit and then read Alma 30 with him. It was pretty
bold, but Sister Day and I are bold missionaries :) he was saying how
korihor truly was this evil man and he kept looking for a sign and we
could tell he was processing it all in his head. We asked him what the
story meant to him personally and he said "well I guess it's talking
about walking in faith". !!!!!!! So we asked him what he can do to
walk in faith and he said set a date! OCTOBER 10!!!! He is still a
little unsure about that date, but at least it's a date! And it'll be
the BEST birthday present ever!!!

This week was a little discouraging. We had a lot of appointments fall
through, and I finally got my first door slammed in my face. I'm
officially a missionary now, right? It's crazy how hard satan works on
people when they are choosing the right. I have seen how powerful
satan can be so much. But even more than that, I have seen how
powerful Heavenly Father is. I have seen miracles everyday, even on
the ones where every single one of our appointments cancel. This is
His work and I am just His hand. He directs the work and He knows who
is ready to hear the gospel!

Sunday night was president's devotional and John and Dennis both bore
their testimonies! It was AMAZING! President Vest didn't even
recognize Dennis! Both of these men have been such a blessing in my
life. Each of them have strengthened my testimony so much! I know the
atonement is real and it changes people! It was so amazing to hear how
much they love their Savior.

Joyce is doing so awesome as well!!! She is so excited to be baptized
on Saturday! Her daughter told us she never thought this would happen
and I bore my testimony to her that nothing happens by coincidence. I
truly believe that Joyce moved in with Sister Banuelos because she was
ready to meet with missionaries! God is good, people!

Yesterday I took a father and a daughter through the VC and it was
such an incredible experience! The father is a member but the daughter
isn't. Edla (the dad) just had his wife pass away and that's why
Deidrey (his daughter) was in town. He said he really wanted his
daughter to learn about the church, especially the plan of salvation.
Because of how recent his wife's passing was, there was a very special
spirit in God's Plan. She loved the spirit. At the Christus, we sung
how great thou art and she said it was her favorite song! She has a
really strong faith in Christ and I loved hearing her testimony. She
also loved the history, especially the story of Mary Elizabeth and
Caroline Rollins. She gave me ALL of her information and I can't wait
to be in touch with her. We were together for more than two hours. She
thanked me for my testimony and said she really felt the spirit. The
visitors center is so amazing!!!

Transfers are NEXT Thursday!!! I can't believe it. I don't want
anything to change! The Willis house (where I live) has gotten so
close! But we will see what happens! If I stay where I am, I will
write again next Thursday, but if I leave, I have no idea when you'll
hear from me next...:) love you all so much! Have an amazing week!

Since Saturday was game day, naturally all the byu girls had to wear
our navy blue! Elder and Sister Fullmer (a senior couple here) know
how much I love byu football... So Saturday night when I was at the
visitors center, they called in and asked for me. I picked up the
phone and Sister Fullmer said "okay, you can't squeal when I say this,
but byu won and your friend, Tanner Mangum, threw the winning pass!"
!!!! Of course I did my little happy dance right there! Not only was I
full of byu pride but I was full of lots of eagle pride, too! Woooo!
Go Cougars!

The VC sisters representing the Cougars on Game Day by wearing navy blue!  WE LOVE BYU!!!


Sister Moss, Sister Day, Sister Hunt, Sister Baggett

The Willis house sisters wanted to create a rainbow this week!  :)  I love each and every one of these girls!

Mallory and her companion, Sister Day

The Zion North Zone with President Medina (counselor in the mission presidency)

Going to the temple with John on Sept. 10, 2015

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