Sunday, September 20, 2015

Another 6 weeks in Independence!!!

I'm staying in Independence with Sister Day!!! I'm so happy! I
honestly never want to leave! My p day is switching to Monday, so you
will hear from me again in like a couple days :)

Today we went to the cute outdoor plaza in Kansas City and its so fun!
Kansas City is really pretty and I love spending time with some
sisters :) so that's why this email is being sent a little bit later
in the day.

On Friday we went on the Mormon walking trail and it was so cool to
literally stand where the saints were when they were here and to hear
the experiences they had. I am so blessed to be serving on such sacred
ground! The spirit here is very different than anything I've felt.
Walking to these places made the stories more real! We even know where
the corn field was located where Mary Elizabeth and Caroline Rollins

I went on a blitz with Sister Sneed on Friday! Sister sneed is so
incredible. She goes home tomorrow! So it was so awesome to be with a
missionary with so much experience. I learned so much from her. She
took me out street contacting and she helped me gain so much
confidence in my missionary work! I learned nothing about missionary
work is socially acceptable, but we do it anyway! It's the best! We
got 3 potentials, so it was way successful!

Randy is still working toward October 10! We watched the Joseph Smith
movie with him this week and he pretty much bore his testimony to us
about him and the Book of Mormon. We fasted together on Sunday for an
answer to his date. He still hasn't told us anything yet, but we are
praying for a miracle here!

We saw Vicky and she came to church!!! We went to her house an hour
before church and shared some Mormon messages with her and the kids
and then our bishop picked them up! It was so awesome to see them at

Joyce got baptized on Saturday!! I will never forget the huge smile
she had on her face when she came up out of the water! She was really
nervous because she has a really hard time waking so the stairs and
the actual baptism really scared her. President Cato totally helped
her get down the steps and then she sat on a stool in the font.
Brother Banuelos (her son in law) and the two elders were all down in
the font with her. I was praying everything would go smoothly and it
did!!! It was so incredible to watch!

We saw Jill again this week!!! She has been in the hospital and hasn't
been able to get a hold of us! She was so happy to see us and I was SO
happy to see her!!! Oh my goodness, I love Jill so much! We talked
about the plan of salvation and she seemed to really understand it!
The one thing that is hard for her to grasp is the priesthood. We are
watching the Joseph smith movie with her tomorrow and I can't wait! We
invited her to be baptized and she said she would pray about it!!

Last night we saw John and Brea! It was so good to meet with both of
them again! It had been a while since we had seen Brea so it was so
good to see her again :) our lesson went well, they both are just
awesome people and I am so grateful to know them!
Joyce is baptized!!!!

The VC sisters touring the Mormon walking trail-this is where the cornfield was where Mary Elizabeth and Caroline Rollins hid.

Selfie at the KC outdoor mall on P-day

The VC and Liberty jail sisters at the latest transfer
Sept. 16, 2015

Taking President Gines' parents on a VC tour

I have been watching this little video series on
called His Grace and y'all should check it out. There are only six
videos, but they are incredible. It strengthened my testimony that His
grace is sufficient for everything and everyone. He loves us so much,
He WANTS to help us. Those videos are amazing and filled with truth
and the spirit. Moroni 7:27 says "wherefore, my beloved brethren, have
miracles ceased because Christ hath ascended into heaven, and hath sat
down on the right hand of God, to claim of the Father his rights of
mercy which he hath upon the children of men?" Of all the things
Christ could have said to His Father when He saw Him, He chose to ask
for mercy on us all. His grace covers us and He is pleading with the
Father for us. Thinking about this has helped me understand my
relationship with my Savior. He is always there!

Love you all and have a great few days! I'll talk to you again Monday!!!

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