Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Hello everyone!

On Friday, we had a mid training meeting for all of us missionaries
who are just finishing our first transfer, which means we are half way
done with training!!! Yay! It was such a good meeting!! President Vest
told us about how many new missionaries this mission is getting...in
the next 3 transfers, 90 missionaries are leaving, and more than 90
missionaries are coming. That means that our mission is going to be a
really young mission with lots of missionaries with very little
experience. He told us that a lot of us are going to be called on for
responsibilities a lot sooner than we thought. So I assumed that meant
that a lot of us would be trainers after we finished our 12 weeks of
training... A lot of us sisters were talking after the meeting and
sister Christiansen said "I think there will be some of you called to
train at 6 weeks" and I was like WHAT. I didn't think that was
possible. But she said the chances of that were very small. Anyway, so
later that night when we were driving to dinner, we got a call from
the assistants and my stomach dropped....they asked for me and said
"You have been called to serve as a trainer"....I started crying
instantly. HOW am I supposed to train a missionary when I haven't even
finished MY training yet?!?! Of course I accepted, though. Saturday
morning we had a trainers meeting and it got me so excited though! It
was definitely a pump up meeting! I am still so scared because I still
have no idea what I am doing but I am so excited!! And President
really stressed that it wasn't him that extended this assignment, but
Heavenly Father.

I can't believe I'm finishing my first transfer though!! Thursday is
transfer day...and I assume I'm staying here. That would be really
rude if they made me train someone at 6 weeks AND move me to a new
area. So if I do stay here, my p day will switch to Thursday! So if
you don't hear from me next Tuesday, wait until Thursday :)

There was no baptism for randy last week :( we don't know what to
do...we just keep praying for him! Hopefully he will realize how
important this is.

John is getting baptized this Saturday though!!! I am SO excited for
him! He was the first lesson I taught here and now he is my first
baptism! He keeps impressing sister Christiansen and I so much with
his faith. Every lesson we have with him, he accepts what we teach so
easily and goes home and makes his life in line with what we just
taught him. He's going through a lot of changes too, and he is rely on
the Lord so much and nothing is going to change his mind on getting
baptized. He's awesome! And we got to meet with Brea this week too,
just us and her :) it was awesome to sit down with her and to share
our testimonies with her. This family is so special to us :)

We started teaching this girl named Makenzie and we LOVE her! She just
graduated from high school and is getting ready to go to school. We
met her at the grocery store last Tuesday and we asked her if she had
heard of the Book of Mormon and she said she was reading it!! She told
us her best friend is a member and she had gone to church a couple of
times. We met with her and we found out she was raised RLDS but she is
very interested. I'm excited to keep teaching her!

We have a lot of work to do here and we are definitely working hard!
The people are so awesome though. I'm learning so much from everyone I
meet! I love you all!!!

MIRACLE OF THE WEEK: Dennis cut his hair and shaved!!!!

Dennis after his hair cut and shave!

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