Thursday, August 13, 2015

Onward Christian Soldiers!

WOW...what a week!! Ps, I also hit my two month mark!!

Transfers were so crazy! I have felt so inadequate all week being a
new trainer.. My new companion's name is Sister Day and she is
straight from the MTC! (You know...kinda like how I was about 7 weeks
ago). But she's awesome and I hope I seem like I know what I'm doing!
;) Being a trainer is kind of stressful especially when I'm so new,
but I love it! I'm learning so much, especially how to rely on my

Saturday was literally the craziest day of my life but one of the
happiest days of my life. That morning, John texted us and said he
didn't feel ready and cancelled the baptism. I was so sad... But then
about an hour later, the elders called us and said that they had
talked to John and he said its on again so they were at the church
filling up the font, so we ran over to help set everything up for the
baptism. We were all setting up, but then John texted us again and
said he really didn't feel ready and so he said not today...this
happened about 45 minutes before it was supposed to start so we texted
the ward council saying it was off. The word didn't get how fast
enough, however, and people started showing up, including president
and sister vest and our stake president, president Cato. And then John
and Brea showed up!! We were so confused. I was emotionally a wreck so
me and the sisters went into a room to pray, and we came out and heard
John was talking to president Cato. About 10 minutes later president
Cato came out of his office and said start filling the font back up!
And John followed him out with a smile on his face. I don't know what
happened, but I am so grateful, because John was baptized!!! On Sunday
he was confirmed and he told us it was super powerful and he could
feel the spirit. I am so glad he has the companionship of the Holy
Ghost now..he has already recognized it! He is so awesome, he already
wants to go on team ups with the elders!! Johns journey has been
incredible to watch. He has so much faith to go through with this
decision in his life right now, but he knows it's right for him. It
was so amazing to watch him come out of that water!

We have been meeting with this lady named Joyce for a couple weeks
now...her daughter is in our ward, but Joyce isn't a member. She just
moved in with her daughter so she has been coming to church with her
and we have been teaching her. This past week we asked her to be
baptized and she said yes! We are planning on September 12! So

Makenzie also told us she wants to be baptized! She just doesn't know
when yet. She leaves for college next week, so she would have to let
us know if she ever came home for a weekend, but she said its
something she wants to do! We are praying so hard that while she is
off at college, she will be able to meet with the missionaries and
find a ysa ward for her to attend. She is a awesome and has so much
faith in her Savior!

Okay something way awesome happened this week that proves how God
hears our prayers and then answers them... We had an appointment with
this girl and we were trying so hard to find a member to come with
us...but everyone was busy. So as we were leaving the visitors center,
we said a prayer that we would be able to find someone to join us. As
we walked out the door, a girl in our ward named Sophie was walking
in!!! We asked if she could join us and she said yes! I was like
"thank you Heavenly Father!!" But then! She told us something after
the lesson that made me realize how good God truly is. Sophie told us
that she was sick of being in her home so she wanted to go on a walk,
but she didn't know where to. She said a prayer before she left her
home that she would be able to do good for someone, then left and
started walking. She said the next thing she realized was that she was
at the visitors center. HOW COOL IS THAT? God is in the details of our
lives, people!

One hymn has been constantly playing in my mind this week...onward
Christian soldiers. I LOVE this song! The line that I have really been
thinking about is the line that says "we are not divided, all one body
we"... We all have the same calling! We are here to build Zion all
over the world so that one day Jesus Christ can come here to
Independence Missouri to reign. By sharing the gospel is how we truly
build Zion. By doing our Father's will and by keeping His
commandments. We are all in this together! We are not divided. We are
all children of Christ!!

I love you all so much! Keep doing good!

Sister Day and I with my favorite girl on the planet, Kaci!  She sings "I Am a Child of God" with us every time we see heart melts every single time.

John's baptism!!  Sister Day, Sister Christiansen, John, his wife, Brea and their daughter, Brenna!  Love them all so much!

My new companion, sister Day from Springville, Utah

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