Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Pioneer Day in Zion!!!

There is nothing cooler than celebrating Pioneer Day in Zion!!! (Not temperature wise...because it was sooooo hot) But the Independence stake had a stake activity on the pageant grounds on Saturday and we took a whole picture together as a stake. It was legit, like KBYU or something took the picture. Pretty sweet. But they did it because next summer, the stake is going to start the pageant again to try and get the church's support to run it again! I didn't even know there used to be a pageant here a while ago. The activity was so fun but it was SO hot. Literally, the hottest I have ever been in my life.

I had my first VC miracle!!! On Wednesday, a group came in and it was a family and then a couple who were together. The couple introduced themselves as Brother and Sister Robbins, and they told me the family weren't members. I met the Ham family and immediately took them to God's Plan :) They were so touched by the presentation. The mom of the family was crying so hard, she was hiding her face from me behind Sister Robbins' shoulder. I told them the story "No Empty Chairs" and how Heavenly Father wants everyone to be able to fill their chairs in heaven so we can all be reunited again. They were so moved by that. Brother Robbins shared his story..he is a convert and he bore powerful testimony to their friends, the Hams. I asked for their information to be able to teach them through teaching center and they gave it to me! I am so excited to teach them! They went into the prophet's room and I ran and grabbed a Book of Mormon and wrote my testimony in it and marked some of my favorite verses- Mosiah 14:3-7. I took them to the Christus and after, sang, I Believe in Christ. This family is so prepared by the Lord! I gave them the Book of Mormon and they said they would read it! I can't wait to be able to talk to them online and to hear about their experiences and hopefully be able to send them the missionaries!!! The Visitor's Center is a place of MIRACLES! 

Wednesday, I had a little tender mercy...Brother and Sister Ross came into the Visitor's Center! (Brother and Sister Ross and I have been in the same ward FOREVER..they were my sunbeams teachers!) You know me...I started crying the moment I saw them! I got to take them through the presentations and it was so wonderful :) 

On Friday, we taught John and Brea was in our lesson too! It was so awesome to be able to teach them both! They both came to the activity on Saturday, too, so it was so awesome to see them both two days in a row! John is so solid on getting baptized!! He is getting baptized August 8! The only reason he can't baptized this Saturday is because he will be out of town! But I have LOVED watching his journey. I have a special place in my heart for John because he was the first lesson I taught out here and now he is getting baptized! He is going to be a leader in the church one day, I just know it! 

Dennis is also making HUGE improvements! He now hasn't smoked for two weeks! We are so impressed with him. And he is a testimony to me that the Book of Mormon is so powerful. He is reading that book so much and I know it's because of that that he has been able to change so much! 

Last P-day, we met this girl working at the grocery store and asked her if she has read the Book of Mormon and she said she is actually reading it right now! She said her best friend is a member and we later found out that her best friend is the niece of our ward's young women's president! We set up an appointment to teach her and I'm way excited!

We also met this family that I fell in love with. The husband and wife is Leroy and Dani and they have 6 kids all under the age of about 9! But we stopped by their house and Leroy said they need something...and we have it :) THE GOSPEL! We are going over to teach them on Friday and I can't wait! I love this family and I know the gospel is what they are looking for! I love finding these people who the Lord is preparing for us. 

We are praying for Randy a lot right now. He set a date to be baptized this weekend but he is so uncertain about it and now won't call us back... We don't know what to do or whether or not this baptism is actually going to happen. I hope it does! Randy is so ready. We just don't know what is holding him back! 

On Sunday, something pretty cool happened to me! I got to take JOHN BYTHEWAY through the Visitor's Center! It was so awesome! At the end he came up and shook my hand and asked how long I have left... I said "17 months" and he didn't believe me! It was so funny! But he is a way awesome and humble man. We actually gave John, our investigator, some of his CD's and I told him that and he loved hearing that! It was a really neat opportunity! 

I'm learning so much, but if I were to say there was one thing I'm learning the most, it's how to love with pure Christlike love. I feel Heavenly Father's love for each and every person that I talk to, and I get to see them as children of God. 

Here are some pictures from the stake activity! Again, I have never been so hot before in my life... or as sweaty..:) enjoy! 
Sister Taula (she's basically my mom in the Independence 1st Ward- LOVE HER! ) and John

Sister Christiansen and I; we may look put together, but really we were drowning in our sweat.  :)

Love you all so much!!!!

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