Monday, November 14, 2016

So many baptisms!

Hello friends and family! This week was so good! Tender mercies are
all around. It was a pretty crazy week, though. We moved out of the
Arendt's and now we are living with the Johnson's! Ave and Kimball are
amazing missionaries and it's been fun living with them so far!

We went to THREE baptisms this weekend! It was so cool to see so many
people enter into the waters of baptism! My testimony definitely
strengthened this week that baptism by water and the spirit is the
gate that puts us on the path back home to our Father in Heaven.

On Friday, we went to Liberty to see GIGI MOJICA GET BAPTIZED!!! It
was so cool to see her get baptized! I taught Gigi back in Overland
Park. She said that something just clicked now and she was just ready
and she's not looking back. I also got to see Leia!!! I love the
Mojica family. They'll forever be a huge part of my mission and my

Saturday morning we saw Ethan Arendt get baptized! It was also his
eighth birthday. What a neat way to celebrate. Saturday evening, we
went Moe's baptism. The elders taught him. He has been investigating
for about a year and he finally made the decision to be baptized!
Heavenly Father definitely prepares individuals for the gospel. It's
been amazing to see so many hearts change.

Adrath is doing amazing! She's been reading and praying everyday! She
got a blessing last Sunday and she said she has been feeling so much
better! Miracle! We went to a relief society activity this week with
her and she had so much fun getting to know the other people in the
ward. Her baptism interview is tomorrow and she will be getting
baptized on Saturday!!

Kimi is progressing so well too. We taught her the word of wisdom and
she said she already believes that! We showed her a talk from general
conference and she was crying. She is so sensitive to the spirit. She
texts us about everyday asking us questions about her studies. I love
seeing miracles! Her baptism is in two weeks! I also got a text today
saying that Darlene from Independence 2nd ward is getting baptized in
two weeks!!!

Last night, we were trying to find people and we knocked on three
doors and the first two weren't interested and the third didn't
answer. So we went to our car to go to another area. We got in the car
and someone from that third house walked out and came and stood in
front of our car so we couldn't drive away. We rolled our window down
and she started yelling at us and asking us what we were doing
knocking on our door. We told her we were missionaries and that we are
just going around sharing a message about Jesus Christ. She got really
angry and told us not to come back. I started crying, not because I
was scared or anything, but because I realized how much missionaries
get to experience what Christ experienced. I thought about how His
WHOLE life, He suffered. He was spit upon, He was yelled at, He was
betrayed. I know now that Christ really does know exactly how we feel.
He can succor us. He is our healer and our master. I love Him and I'm
so grateful for Him.

Gigi got baptized!

All the Mojica sisters!

Ethan is 8 AND baptized!

The Arendt family and Moe!

The Johnson's dog, Nike!!! We used to have a dog named Nike, so it's fun to have another one!  :)

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