Thursday, July 21, 2016

Apostle of the Lord...Round 2

 have felt insanely spoiled lately! On Monday, Elder Neil L. Andersen of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles came and spoke to us as a mission! It was an incredible conference and the Visitors Center sisters had the incredible opportunity to sing I Believe in Christ for him. It was a very humbling moment to sing that song to a witness of Jesus Christ. There were a few things that he talked about that I wanted to share with y'all this week! 

During his training, he was super bold. At one point, he said to us "There are THOUSANDS in this mission who are awaiting you. There are DOZENS in your areas who need you to find them." When Elder Andersen said this, the only thing I could think about was that He is a representative of Jesus Christ, so that was Christ telling us that there are all of these prepared people waiting for us to find them. It strengthened my testimony that they're out there, now we just have to find them!

He also talked a lot about miracles and how as missionaries, we don't just want to serve our missions out of hard work alone..we need to see miracles. And we  can expect miracles! This helped me remember that I am a representative of Christ and I truly can work wonders here, if my faith is strong enough. That is one thing I am really trying to work on, is truly strengthening my faith to produce miracles. 

Sister Andersen talked to us about following the prophets and apostles with exactness...because what they are sharing aren't their words. And I definitely have gained a testimony that Christ speaks through His leaders. I am so grateful for all of the experiences on my mission that have helped me gain that testimony.

The rest of the week was awesome as well! We had transfers and my new companion is Sister Wilkins! She is from Nibley, Utah and she is so awesome! Everywhere we go people comment that we both are red-heads, haha! So that makes it super fun! And she just transferred from Raytown, one of my past areas! 

We saw Darlene a couple of times, and on Sunday she even came to church without Mac!!! After church, we drove out to the care center with Elder and Sister Sharp and Darlene to see Mac! Mac got released a couple of days ago, but when we visited him on Sunday, my heart completely melted seeing how strong Darlene had to be. We watched a little video about Jesus Christ, and Mac kept touching his heart. It is so cool how the spirit works with every single person. And though Mac can't talk, he made sure that we knew he was feeling the spirit. When we closed with a prayer, he reached out for Darlene to just hold her hand and I completely lost control of my emotions! I caught a glimpse of them going to the temple together one day and how grateful I am for eternal families no matter what happens here on earth! 

The Visitors Center has been so much fun! On Sunday, I took a huge family who was gathered for a family reunion...and they were from Taiwan! It was very interesting to go through and have an interpreter..Thank goodness he was there though because I definitely don't know Mandarin! At the Christus, we all sang I am a Child of God and it was so cool- the sisters sang in English and they all sang in Mandarin. The church is so awesome- everyone all over the world sings the same songs and believes the same things! And the spirit is able to confirm that to everyone! 

I'm so sorry this email has been a lengthy one, but this week was just so good and it's been so long since I've been able to write! I hope y'all are doing wonderful and enjoying your summer! It's going to be over before we know it! And I am not okay with that!!! 

My new companion, Sister Wilkins

Some of my Taiwan friends!

Mac and Darlene-LOVE them!

Goodbye party for Sister Maxwell!  We LOVE her!

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