Monday, July 4, 2016

Independence Day in Independence!

Hello! I hope y'all had a wonderful 4th of July! It was kind of unreal
that it was my second 4th of July spent in Independence! It was way
fun! I had an exciting surprise yesterday... I was in the history
presentation with some families and we were about to transition into
the next room and Sister Toronto and another sister missionary came
down the stairs and the sister said "I will be now taking over for
Sister Moss!" and Sister Toronto told me to come upstairs with her. I
was so confused and I thought I was in trouble! No one ever gets
pulled out of the middle of a presentation! Sister Toronto led me into
Scriptures and Revelation and I saw my gram and papa standing there!!!
I instantly started crying and I really couldn't believe that my
grandparents were standing right in front of me! They gave me big hugs
and we all cried and I got to take them through the whole visitors
center! It was quite the surprise and the whole time I felt like it
was a dream. I was definitely not expecting that! They are on a family
history trip, trying to find some graves from our ancestry and they
said they were driving through and wanted to stop by. It was a major
tender mercy!
The surprise visit from my Gram and Papa!

This week was pretty good! I think the most exciting thing was that we
received a referral for a lady who just moved in to our area. Her name
is Atasha and we met her on Saturday night. She had met some sister
missionaries out in Kansas City and she wanted to learn more. We
taught the restoration and her and her cousin, Keisha, we're so
excited at the things we were testifying of! We ended up putting them
on baptism date for August 6!! Huge tender mercy from the Lord!

I feel like I always talk about Bishop Banks, but he is absolutely the
best and I always learn so much from him. We had a way awesome meeting
with him and our elders this week and he kept telling us we are doing
great things here. This area is really hard with finding and teaching,
and Bishop kept reminding us that in this ward, the work is within the
ward members. We have a lot of less actives that we are trying to
bring back. It was really encouraging to hear those words from Bishop.

Throughout our meeting, in my mind, I was really struggling and I felt
like a bad missionary and I wasn't doing all I could... At the end of
the meeting, Bishop looked over at me and said "Sister Moss, I can
feel your spirit." And he went on again telling us that we are angels
here in this ward and as we meet with the members we are being
successful. He testified boldly that Heavenly Father loves us and then
he looked at me again and said "That was for you." My testimony
strengthened so much at that moment that Heavenly Father knows us and
knows our struggles and He will help us. I am grateful for the spirit
that prompted Bishop to say those words.

This morning we got to go to the temple, and we were able to
participate in sealings! That was so cool and I am so grateful for he
sealing power inside the temples. My testimony has definitely
strengthened of eternal families and how Heavenly Father uses our
families to help us return to Him. The temple is the best place in the
whole world and it makes me so happy! I hope you all have the most
wonderful week!

Kansas City Temple

Happy 4th of July from Sister Maxwell and I

Some of the VC sisters in 4th of July colors

Sister Taysom, Sister Maxwell, Sister Mouton, Sister Soto, Sister Wilson, Sister Anderson,  Sister Toronto, Sister Wilkins

Us with the Elders on the 4th!  Elder Oram, the one in the hat, is from Emmett!  

District Meeting!

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