Monday, June 27, 2016

Angels Among Us

Happy Monday! Some sisters needed to switch us pdays, so we have pday
today! It is definitely summer here, the humidity is crazy!!! But it
never stops us from continuing the work!

We have been trying to really focus on finding the less actives in
this ward and working with them to help them come back. We have been
going into lots of members homes and getting to know the ward better.
It's been really cool to watch their trust in us grow and I'm so
grateful for that!

We went all week without hearing from Darlene and we found out that
her husband, Mac, had a stroke! So we went and visited him in the
hospital and we are seeing Darlene tonight! We are praying this
strengthens her testimony of the Savior and His Atonement. We are
praying so hard for a miracle to happen with her!

The visitors center has been so busy! It is so much fun! It gets
busier and busier every week and I love it! We are on our feet,
talking to people all 6 hours and I have had some really cool
experiences. I love being able to invite EVERYONE to come closer to
Jesus Christ, because we all can! It always strengthens my testimony
taking people through and listening to the spirit's guidance on what
to testify of.

We also teach on what we call 'teaching center'. On, anyone
can chat with missionaries to ask any questions they have and we are
the ones chatting with these people! I had a phone call with this girl
named Sharon this week who wanted to order a bible. We were talking
about the bible for a while and then I asked her if she had ever heard
of the Book of Mormon before and she said she never had. I told her
what it is and she said it sounded so interesting and she would love
to have a copy! And we are going to read together!!! I'm so excited!
Teaching center is just another tool given to us missionaries to
fulfill our purpose and I'm so grateful for it!

Bishop Banks shared something that definitely warmed my heart
yesterday. He looked at the elders and us and told us "you are angels
walking among our ward...even if you aren't getting baptisms right
now, you're doing what you're supposed to be doing because you are
changing this ward." The spirit confirmed this to me and I just wept,
knowing that I am being an obedient and diligent missionary and we are
working hard to do what the Lord wants. One of the biggest tender
mercies of the week :) And then this morning I read one of my favorite
chapters in the Book of Mormon, 2 Nephi 4... And verse 24 says 'angels
came down and ministered unto me.' I thought about that and how many
angels I have been given to help me change. I look back and there was
always an angel that was heaven sent to me right when I needed them
and I am so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who is so aware of
us individually and what and WHO we need. I am so grateful for all
y'alls support and I love you so much! Have a wonderful week!!!

Independence temple lot with my ANGEL companion

We had Christmas in June and had a gift exchange!  Look at all those ANGELS I'm surrounded by :)

LOOK AT THIS ADORABLE LITTLE GIRL....I took her through the VC  and had to take a picture with her because she reminds me of ME when I was that age!  Always in a BYU cheer uniform!

Companionship goals..making a handshake is very important

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