Tuesday, June 7, 2016

I'M BACK!!!!

Holy cow, transfers are SO CRAZY, but they are so inspired!! I got
transferred back to Independence and I'm serving at the Visitors
Center again! When I found out, I nearly passed out because I couldn't
believe it! I'm still trying to realize that this is real life! And my
companion is Sister Maxwell! We were in the same MTC district! She is
an absolute angel. I LOVE being companions with her! She is the
definition of a Christlike missionary and I feel so blessed to be
serving alongside her.

Last week, I got to say bye to some of my favorite people before
leaving the Overland Park 2nd ward. I am grateful for the time I had
to serve there and for all the wonderful people I met and all the
things I learned. I know that Heavenly Father puts missionaries in
specific areas for specific purposes and I know that I fulfilled my
purpose in that area. I'm so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who
helps us succeed!

I am serving in the Independence 2nd ward now! I haven't met a lot of
people yet, but I am so excited to be back. The Independence, Missouri
stake is a very special place. On Sunday we had stake conference and I
was reminded that this stake is such a special place and the people
here are incredible and the spirit is so strong. I got to see all of
my 1st ward and Raytown friends and I got to feel the incredible
spirit of the saints of this stake all gathered together....IN ZION!
This is like the best stake in the whole church! (Sorry Eagle, Idaho
stake...you're second!)

When President Cato (the stake president) speaks, I always feel the
spirit and he testified that we need to come together and strengthen
Zion. For the closing hymn, we all stood and sang The Spirit of God
(President Cato's theme song) and both the organ and the piano were
being played and everyone was singing so fervently...the spirit was so
strong I couldn't even sing because I was crying so hard! Independence
is so dear to my heart... I am so grateful to be back!

The Visitors Center is busy because it's summer now! And the first day
I was back, I was testifying in front of the Christus and I was
overcome with love and I forgot the special spirit that is in the
Visitors Center. I feel so blessed to be serving in the VC. It's a
place to receive revelation and feel God's love and to come closer to
Christ. And every time I take a presentation I get to witness that in
the people I take through and in myself. Heavenly Father loves all of
His children and wants us all to return to Him.

Love you all so much! Have a wonderful, wonderful week!

Me and my new ANGEL companion, Sister Maxwell at the Visitor's Center!  We matched our very first day together!

Remember Patrick!  :)  He was ordained to the Melchizedek Priesthood on Sunday!

Saying goodbye to my lovely Leia Mojica

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