Thursday, June 23, 2016

Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful!

Hello to my favorite people! Hope you all had a marvelous week and a
wonderful Father's Day! I have to give a public shout out to my dad,
who is the best dad anyone could ever have! I am so grateful for him
and all he has taught me, including my dance skills :)

This week was SO GOOD! We had a member of the seventy, Elder Hales,
and his wife come and train us and it was incredible. The focus of his
training was repentance and it really changed the way I view
repentance. This is one of the biggest lessons I've learned on my
mission, how to truly repent. I used to think repentance was this big
and scary thing that I was nervous to think about...but now it is a
joyful thing to me! Elder Hamula described repentance as turning to
Christ and that explanation helped me so much to understand what
repentance truly is. That we need to take whatever is the focus of our
lives and turn it to Christ.

We had a lot of meetings this week, so there wasn't much time to go
out but this week was one of those weeks where I was able to be fed
spiritually and really experience repentance. We had a zone training
which was able to help Sister Maxwell and I to know what we can do to
help our ward and how to hasten the work here. We are really working
on activation, because there is a huge need for that in this ward!

I love being companions with Sister Maxwell! She and I have so much
fun together and we still know what we need to accomplish. We have set
some awesome goals and we are so excited to see what happens in the
next 3 weeks!

We took Darlene to the Liberty Jail and she loved it! She told us she
feels like her testimony is growing every time she learns more! She
also is reading the Book of Mormon which is so good! We have another
lesson with her tonight and we are hoping to help her connect all of
the dots that she is developing a testimony.

The visitors center has been super busy and it has been so much fun! I
love being able to serve here in this special place and being able to
help all people come closer to Jesus Christ. A family from eagle came
through so it was way fun to see some of my friends!! I forgot how
much I love serving in the visitors center and I'm so grateful to be
back. It is definitely one of my favorite places!

Here's a fun story from the week to end: last night, Sister Maxwell
and I were walking to see some people and a parked car from a parking
lot honked at us and asked us to come over to talk to him so we did...
He recognized me from the visitors center last year and I recognized
him too. We talked about a few different things and he remembered that
we sang at the Christus, so he asked us to sing to him. Anyway, after
we talked for a while, we shook his hand to get going and he asked us
if we were married and we said no.... And then he said we need to stay
that way because he wants us for his wives in heaven! Sister Maxwell
and I were speechless, we had no idea what to say... We started
walking away and he was yelling after us telling us he loved us and we
need to remember to stay single... Welcome to Independence :) Hahaha
have a good week, y'all!

The VC sisters, the Toronto's, the Vest's, and the Hamula's

The Robertson Family from Eagle!

The Toronto's cute granddaughter!  We have twinning hair!  :)

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