Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Happy Monday to my wonderful friends and family! Hope you all had a
wonderful Valentine's Day! Time is flying... I can't believe I hit my
EIGHT MONTH MARK this week!!! It's so weird! And really gross at the
same time. Life is so much easier as a missionary!

I am not going to lie, this week was a really hard week for me.
Missionary work isn't always the happiest, easiest thing in the world.
It is definitely the hardest thing I have ever done! And there are
hard times! But through these hard times, I am always reminded that
Heavenly Father is aware of us and His Son, Jesus Christ, knows
exactly how we feel. So I know we are never alone!

My testimony of priesthood blessings was also strengthened. On
Saturday, I asked the zone leaders for a blessing, so we met up at a
family's house in our ward and they gave me a blessing. Elder Torrico
was so in tune with the spirit! It was EXACTLY what I needed and more.
I know that the priesthood is the power of God restored to the earth.
And I know that priesthood blessings are God's words for us. I am so
grateful we have the priesthood on the earth and that I am surrounded
by worthy priesthood holders here and back home!

Friday was a miracle day! Thursday night the zone leaders called us
when they were on exchanges. Elder Greenburg said that he had 5
restoration pamphlets to place on Friday, Elder Torrico took 5
restoration pamphlets to place, and he invited us to take out 5
restoration pamphlets to place. Of course we said yes, and when we got
off the phone, Sister Fuhriman and I looked at each other and said
"let's place 5 each!" So we prayed super hard that night and all day
on Friday that we would find 10 people to give these pamphlets to. I
know that when we include Heavenly Father in our goals, He helps us
reach them! We placed 10 restoration pamphlets on Friday and got 5 new
investigators!!! All it takes is faith, prayer, hard work, and
obedience :)

The Mojica family is progressing well, but we haven't seen them all
together in a long time. Their lives are insane so it's hard to catch
them all home at the same time. But we are seeing them more this week,
so that will be good! :)

Courtney is still working hard on not smoking. We are praying lots for
her!!! We haven't had a lesson with her in a while because she has a
crazy busy life, too. She got a new job, which is better than her last
one. Which is a major blessing! She is being blessed because she is
reading and praying every day!

On Friday we got a referral for a member named Brandon, who is a
member, and he wants to meet with missionaries to become active again!
And he has a nonmember girlfriend, Amber, who wants to learn! They
came to church and we had a way good lesson with them! They're super
awesome and are way interested in learning.

We also got a referral from the elders in the Hickory Hills elders!
His name is Sam Knight and he is 17. He is way interested in
learning!! We also met a YSA kid named Leif at church! Apparently Leif
goes to institute, but no one told us about him! So he came to church
and we set up an appointment with him.

The Lord really is blessing us! It's incredible seeing the work
hasten. I am so grateful for my calling as a missionary to teach
people about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ!

I read a talk this week that I want to invite all of you to read! It's
called Write Down A Date. It was given in October of 1984. He talks
about member missionary work and extends an invitation for everyone to
write down a date to have someone prepared to teach the gospel by.
This talk is so powerful and Elder Ballard's testimony is super
powerful about the effect that members have in missionary work! I know
we are ALL enlisted in this work! This is the work of the Lord!

I love you all SO much and I'm so grateful for the things that I learn
from each of you! I hope you all have a wonderful week and continue to
follow the promptings of the spirit that you receive!

I got to go on exchanges with Sister Baggett!!!  Dreams really do come true!  :)

Valentine's Day roses from the YSA!

Courtney's cute daughter, Pyper!

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